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A large part of modern-day culture revolves around tech-based products that keep us needy humans entertained. One of the most commonly explored entertainment options in 2023 is gaming, with this incredibly lucrative industry now representing one of the biggest areas of entertainment in the modern world. 

Innovation has certainly enabled gaming to reach new audiences, with some bright minds helping to elevate its overall package with some enticing gaming opportunities of their own. In fact, entrepreneurs in this particular space have gone on to make millions and inspire many of the popular creations we see today. 

Now, the gaming sphere is more diverse than it ever has been. When we talk about gaming, we are dealing with a broad church. It could range from classic RPG games to today’s hottest trend – blockchain gaming. Some of the world’s top gaming entrepreneurs have more than played their part, with some talented individuals even managing to make a name for themselves at a tender age.

Felix Kjellberg is a YouTuber with a massive following 

You’ve heard of PewDiePie, right? Well, in case you haven’t, he is Felix Kjellberg, a YouTuber with one of the most dedicated and loyal YouTube gaming communities behind him. Filming content from his London home, the godfather of YouTube gaming content has been sharing videos since 2010 and has gone on to become one of the wealthiest creators on the entire platform. At the time of writing, the charismatic internet personality has 111 million subscribers and has created a successful brand for himself, resulting in a reported net worth of around $64 million, although nobody truly knows how much money he has to his name. One thing’s for sure, though; Felix Kjellberg is a clever man. 

Palmer Lucky founded Oculus VR 

Virtual reality gaming is gathering serious momentum. While it has experienced some rather mixed results since its inception, virtual reality products are now appealing to an increasing amount of gamers. One of the brightest sparks in this particular category of gaming is undoubtedly Palmer Lucky, the founder of Oculus VR, a product he eventually managed to sell to Facebook for millions. The young creator in the space has since gone on to impact the genre in other areas, although his Oculus VR creation will be hard to beat. 

Martin Moshal founded Microgaming 

The 1990s were the Wild West days of the internet, with many pioneers trying to figure out how to change the gaming sector via the nascent worldwide web. One of those pioneers was Martin Moshal, founder of Microgaming, which is widely regarded as the first company to make online casino software. Before Moshal’s company launched, the idea of playing online games to win money was an alien one. Today, Microgaming has a library of 100s of popular casino games, and it is still one of the most respected names in a multibillion-dollar global industry. 

KSI branched out into other areas after gaming success

Similar to the aforementioned PewDiePie, KSI is another really successful internet personality that initially rose to fame after creating FIFA content on YouTube. Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji’s rise to prominence has been impossible to ignore too, with the talented Londoner also trying his hand at music, boxing, and even acting. Known for living a life of luxury but also earning it through hard work and dedication, KSI is one of the UK’s biggest exports who has gone on to earn millions all from creating soccer-based gaming videos in his bedroom at a young age. 

Brian Wong is an advertising genius 

With more and more of us turning to mobile gaming products, Brian Wong created Kiip to tap into what was an emerging advertising opportunity. After regularly seeing passengers on flights playing games on their iPads and smartphone devices, Wong saw an opportunity to offer to advertise to them when they’re perhaps more engaged than ever. At 19, he managed to raise venture capital and bring his idea to life, with Kiip now being widely regarded as one of the biggest mobile advertising networks on earth.

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