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COVID changed everything, including the workplace. Census Bureau statistics show that a staggering 4.3 million businesses were started in 2020.[i] I am delighted to be counted among the 4.3 million who have taken the plunge and started their own businesses.

Money is likely the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about starting a business. Yet, as important as money is, there are lots more than money to think about.

I wish someone had made the “lots more” plain. Here’s my list of what I wish someone had told me as I began my entrepreneurial journey. 

First, do your research and find a good mentor, one whose personality, methodology, and values mirror your own. Academic learning is not nimble enough to keep up with the latest changes.  The best way to learn is from someone who’s knowledgeable of recent developments and who’s already doing what you want to do. Expensive, yes, but this investment is more than worth it.

Second, there will be ups and downs, new information and changes in technology happen every day. You will need to sift through this information, separating what is and is not relevant for your business, then adjust and adapt accordingly. It’s better to be ahead of the curve than behind the eight ball!!

Third, there will be times when you need to manage your emotions, to be calm in the midst of a myriad of frustrations, disappointments, and misunderstandings. This is no time for getting upset every time a difficulty comes your way. Be sure you know a good professional counselor who can help you sort through things if needed.

Fourth, the spiritual inner self must be tended to. This is the source of clarity and creativity that underlies and guides you and your decision-making process. Don’t neglect your inner self.

Fifth, good relationships with family, friends, clients, and colleagues are critical to your emotional well-being. This is no time to catch up in lots of drama requiring lots of time and energy that needs to be devoted to the business. Do your part to assure that you have good relationships all around.

Sixth, the demands of owning a business, even a small one, are tremendous. There’s so much to do and it must be done quickly. This is no time to be slowed or derailed by needing to tend to your physical health. Taking time to exercise, eat right, and get enough rest will enable you to do and be your best.

Seventh, especially during the pandemic, many people have started their businesses with shoestring budgets. Yet, if at all possible, be sure you have enough funds to cover basic bills and necessities. 

Starting a business is no small undertaking. It will change your life forever. It will require that you be at your best in every area of your life. No, it’s not just about the money. It’s about your whole life. Give your business your best, and the best will come back to you.

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1. Ben Casselman, “Start-Up Boom in the Pandemic Is Growing Stronger, New York Times, August 19, 2021

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