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Dating a Russian woman can be tricky and challenging. Learn whether it is for you and how to make it truly successful instead of being disappointed.

Only a lazy person didn’t discuss Russian dating yet. There are plenty of stories on that matter. If you browse different forums, you will find plenty of terrifying versions regarding Russian women dating. No one is going to suspect their authenticity. However, below, we will try to figure out why exactly Russian dating is enveloped in so many fears, rumors, and broken hearts and how to, actually, make it work.

Why did Russian dating spread over the “dating market” so rapidly?

The story began a long time ago when beautiful and quite exotic for the Western world ladies were escaping the iron curtain. One of the fastest ways for them to do it and break through the Soviet restrictions was to marry a foreigner. Naturally, women at those times were not very picky and demanding and considered their husbands’ real rescuers and lucky tickets for a better life.

Rumors about beautiful, hard-working, and not demanding girls spread all over the USA and Europe. Every man started to dream of Russian dating. Steadily, Russian women became one of the most desired in the world.

Times have changed

No, of course, Russian girls didn’t stop being that beautiful, and even, on the contrary, they became even sexier and more desired. Even the most popular Hollywood celebrities enjoy the perks of Russian dating by choosing their Russian peers as their partners. Times change though, and so do Russian ladies.

Unfortunately, many western guys still live in the same illusion — dating a Russian girl is easy. They believe they are still willing to escape their country and are ready to do anything for that. Let’s not forget there is no iron curtain anymore. Russian women live in a successful and very developed country now. They earn very good money, have a great education, and can afford to travel around the globe. Yes, guys, any western man can envy their life nowadays.

Do you still believe they are ready to do anything just to marry a western man? Of course, no. Now, they create the rules. If you want such a classy and stunning lady — you must be ready for many things. This is fair, isn’t it?

Why are so many men disappointed with Russian dating?

That post is aimed not at blaming you for your failures with dating Russian girls but at opening your eyes and making you look at the process from a different perspective. There are several reasons for men’s disappointment and here are the main of them:

  • Cultural and language barriers
  • Unrealistic search criteria and expectations
  • Usage of the wrong sites and platforms for Russian dating

These are the main and foremost reasons for having your heart broken and the biggest dating disappointment of your life. Now, let’s try to figure out how to avoid all that and be involved in a really successful Russian dating process.

Find out who they are

Dating Russian females is a very attractive perspective. That’s why many men jump into it without thinking. Take into account that Russian and Western cultures are very different. It means that people are also very different. Weigh all the pros and cons before you start dating someone from Russia or other Slavic countries. Be aware of language barriers and misunderstandings that may occur in the process of communication. Conduct at least the basic research on Russian dating culture and etiquette and what local women expect from it. 

Set realistic goals

The fact that there are so many single Russian women who seek to date foreign men doesn’t mean that you can just point your finger at any of them and she will be yours. Let’s be honest. Beautiful young and successful women aren’t going to date old average men. If you are an average man in your 50s who is a middle-class representative, you should hardly expect to meet a sexy model in her 20s-30s who leads a busy and career-oriented life.

No one underestimates your charisma and charm but please, be honest with yourself, first of all. Such a girl will never be with you because of your big wish to date her. You must be either very rich or look like Apollo in his 30s. If that is not the case and you do not consider yourself too successful to meet each of her Russian dating requirements and caprices, it’s better to look for a woman in your age group and social layer. 

Use the right Russian dating websites

Last but not least, the platform where you are looking for your Russian dating partner matters. There are plenty of dating websites and platforms and the Internet is teeming with them. However, not all of them are right for your search. Apart from unrealistic goals, this is one of the most frequent reasons why you may be disappointed with your Russian dating experience forever. 

You should not use websites where you do not even see the woman you communicate with, not even her video presentation. Plenty of platforms simply post stolen photos of women and earn money while you pay per letter to no one. Use a website following the recommendations of your friends or has the highest rankings and many testimonials from satisfied customers. 

The Bottom Line

Russian dating is very seductive. Men from all corners of the world want to try it but still, have different concerns. Dating a Russian partner can really turn your life upside down both positively and negatively. If you follow the tips above, you will not need to worry about the outcome of the process. Even if you do not find your future wife, you will receive a pleasant dating experience and avoid lots of disappointments and misunderstandings.

However, if you keep looking at Russian dating by putting your blinders on, you will hardly be able to avoid unpleasant experiences. Remember that being realistic about everything — language, culture, different social clusters, and age gaps — is the key to your success in dating a Russian woman.