Quick response or QR codes have become very popular in the events management industry in recent years.  A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that a scanner or smartphone camera can read. They have revolutionized how event organizers share information with attendees and promote their brands during events. QR codes make it simple for brands and people alike to connect through meaningful customer interactions. The scope of possibilities within the events management industry utilizing these scannable barcodes goes beyond what we’ve presented here: however, ticketing, registration, marketing, networking opportunities, and photo-sharing are strong new entry points promising exciting future prospects.

QR codes are versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as ticketing, registration, marketing, networking, and event photo sharing with QR codes. While some may argue that they’re a passing phase, it’s undeniable that they’ve brought a whole new level of convenience and engagement to event attendees.

Here are some of our top picks on how you can leverage QR codes at your next event:


Event ticketing has been completely transformed by digital tickets, which include the use of QR codes. Having guests show their digital tickets in the form of scannable codes at the entrance instead of printing out physical tickets makes check-in much quicker and more efficient.


Incorporating QR Codes into your event registration process helps streamline check-ins at your venue. Guests can pre-register online, which allows them to print off their unique Quick Response code and bring it along to the event enabling easy identification upon arrival.


As an advertising tool, companies now use custom-designed printable posters on social media platforms or other channels bearing Quick Response codes directing interested parties towards product pages or sign-ups. Marketing is not just about selling an idea but instead selling experiences – thereby creating lifelong customers.


QR Codes work incredibly well for networking at industry trade shows or large corporate meet-ups. They serve like virtual business cards without carrying around printed hard copies since contacts’ info can now be easily shared between devices in mere seconds.

Event Photo Sharing With QR Code 

An exciting element is a guest photo – event photo sharing with a QR code through scanning company-specific Quick Response codes that take users directly to personalized photo galleries where they can print, share and save the photos taken at the event. Social media platforms such as Instagram have made it possible for users to incorporate Quick Response codes into hashtags – encouraging customers to interact with brands by taking pictures and then sharing them on their social network outlets. Better still, having a photo booth printer will enable your guests to print the pictures right then and there. 

How To Create QR Codes?

Creating your QR code is a straightforward process; there are plenty of free online tools you can use to create your unique codes in only a few steps. All you need is to choose what information to include, select a template, or customize its visual design options – then create either static or dynamic QR Codes that can be easily scanned using standard smartphone cameras.

What Are Some Challenges You Should Expect When Using QR Codes At Events?

One challenge with using Quick Response codes is guests not having smartphones enabling scans which means they won’t be able to access some event details. Another problem that has surfaced in recent years is the risk of spamming from bogus marketing strategies akin to viruses invading corporate systems.

QR codes have, without a doubt, revolutionized event management. Integrating QR codes in your event can promote efficiency, make you stand out in the crowd, and ultimately improve customer engagement through seamless interactions with your brand. Always ensure the QR code is easily scannable, and its design aligns with your event’s visual aesthetics. Stay ahead of the game in event management by making creatively designed QR codes a part of your next event. Are you excited about incorporating QR codes into your next event? Let us know in the comment section below!