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Blockchain technology is one of the most talked-about topics in the tech world. Bitcoin Mastery platform is a safe and reliable platform you can use to trade and invest this digital money. The platform has strict security measures. Hence, you are sure that your investments will be safe. But what’s the real story behind it? Is it secure enough to use? And how do you know if your solution is secure enough? All of these issues and more will be covered in this article. 

Is Blockchain Really Secure & Safe Enough to Use?

The simple answer is that blockchain is not secure by itself. But, as we’ve seen, it’s safe if used correctly.

There are many ways that someone could try to hack a blockchain system and steal or make fraudulent transactions, but the good news is that they would have to do so while everyone else on the network still has their copy of the ledger (i.e., everyone knows everything). That’s why most people who use blockchains don’t worry too much about security when they’re doing their day-to-day work—they know there will always be another person watching over them with access to all their data!

So what does this mean for your business? It means you should think carefully about whether or not using a distributed ledger makes sense for your business model before committing any resources or time towards implementing one yourself, especially if there isn’t clear ROI potential yet either way between now and then.”

Why Blockchain Isn’t Secure

The most common complaint about blockchain is that it’s slow. However, this isn’t just an issue for bitcoin—it’s true for all blockchains.

Blockchain transactions take time to complete, which can make them impractical if you want to send money quickly or if you need your transaction verified quickly. It’s also expensive in terms of electricity consumption since mining requires more resources than just processing data on the same computer (which is why many people prefer to use smartphones instead).

While these factors probably won’t keep you from using the technology if they don’t bother you too much, they’re worth keeping in mind when considering whether or not blockchain will benefit your business model or product offering.

Is Blockchain Safe?

Blockchain is not safe. It’s an open-source database that stores data in multiple locations across the globe and requires no central authority to maintain it, but this also means that everyone can access the same information at any time. That means if someone gains access to one person’s wallet or account, they have access to all of their funds—and this has happened before! There have been multiple cases where hackers have stolen millions from individual wallets on Ethereum:

  • In November 2016, $30 million was stolen from DAO creator Vitalik Buterin’s Ethereum account after attackers exploited a bug in Parity software which led them to take control over all accounts;
  • In April 2017, hackers stole over $1 billion worth of ethers from another DAO project called Parity Technologies’ multisig wallets;
  • And just last month, thieves stole more than $70 million worth of cryptocurrency through an exploit known as “reentrancy” (a type of attack whereby an attacker can steal funds by exploiting certain protocols).

Newest Technologies in Security That Are More Secure Than Blockchain

  • Blockchain is a purely decentralized technology, which means that it’s based on a single system. This makes it more vulnerable to attacks because there’s no central authority controlling the data or transactions.
  • AI and machine learning are not centralized like blockchain, but they still use algorithms to process information to make decisions. In other words, they are less secure than blockchain because they rely on an external source of information (AI or machine learning) instead of being completely dependent on one particular database/system like blockchain does.

Which Is the Right Solution for You?

As you can see, the benefits and drawbacks of using blockchain are not easy to find. The decision on what to use depends on your needs and budget, as well as your level of trust in the technology.

If you want to keep costs low but still have a security system that’s easy for people to use, blockchain might be right for you. If security is one of your top priorities and privacy is important but not essential (or vice versa), newer security solutions may be better suited for your needs than blockchain would be.

Newer solutions in security, like AI and machine learning, are more secure than blockchain.

  • AI and machine learning can detect threats better than blockchain.
  • AI and machine learning can learn from their mistakes, so they’re not as likely to make the same mistake again.
  • They’re also updated regularly (and often).


In conclusion, blockchain is not a viable solution for security or privacy. Newer technologies, like AI and machine learning, are more secure and can be integrated into existing systems without the risk of exposure to hackers. Suppose you look at this technology as part of your future investment strategy. In that case, we recommend taking a look at some of these other solutions first before making any decisions about what kind of security infrastructure needs to be built around your business operations. 

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