Every company hires or recruits new individuals for filling numerous designations and posts whenever required. As per FirstProInc, recruiting is deemed the most important business strategy. In the corporate world, the process of recruiting the perfect candidate for any designation comprises a lengthy process that consists of numerous steps. For starters, the first step involved in the process is the manager of the firm or company contacting the recruiters or acquisition team to inform them that they need to fill up a post or designation. Then, a meeting is held where specifics of different aspects related to the recruitment process are discussed thoroughly. This meeting is vital in numerous ways. This article will cover what an intake meeting is, shed light on its importance, and list numerous effective tips following which individuals can enhance the efficiency of their intake meetings. Let us dive right into it:

Intake Meeting – What is it?

According to Recruitee, an intake meeting refers to a gathering of the recruiter/s and the hiring manager of a company. An intake meeting generally takes place at the beginning of a hiring process. Both the parties involved in an intake meeting cover numerous important topics related to the hiring procedure, including the goals they wish to cover throughout the recruitment process, discussing the designation’s requirements, deciding on the job title and the suitable salary range, etc. Every designation that needs to be filled has different requirements; thus, an intake meeting’s topics can vary. 

The primary objective of any intake meeting is to ensure that the company’s hiring manager and the acquisitions team are entirely in agreement regarding different aspects of the hiring procedure. For instance, there should not be any disagreements in terms of the salary budget, the interview process or assessment exams, etc. Doing so facilitates both parties to proceed further in the recruitment process without hassle. Moreover, intake meetings come in very handy if the designation that needs to be filled is new or unique or if either of the involved parties has recently joined the company.

Tips to Hold Efficient and Productive Intake Meetings:

Even though it is not necessary for individuals to stick to a specific structure to have a fruitful intake meeting, having a consistent process can significantly contribute to the meeting’s success. Here are some foolproof tips every individual should follow to hold efficient and productive intake meetings:

  • Use an Intake Form

A recruiter intake form facilitates individuals to cover all the essential details related to the post that needs to be filled. It facilitates recruiters to establish specific expectations related to the possibilities in terms of different aspects of the job. On the other hand, it allows hiring managers to discuss their requirements and provide a list of must-have qualities or requirements to the recruiters. Thankfully, anyone looking for an intake form template can choose from numerous online templates. A good intake form covers queries related to the company’s background, the job offer, role details, details regarding the hiring process, an ideal candidate profile, etc. 

  • Get to Know all About the Role that Needs to be Filled

One of the most efficient ways to ensure that you have a successful intake meeting is to ensure that you understand all about the ins and outs of the role or designation that needs to be filled. Hence, you should request the job description from the hiring manager. If you are a recruiter, you should be familiar with all aspects of the role. For instance, you should know about the nature of the role, i.e., whether it is a backfill role or a new role. Besides this, you should also be familiar with the skill set required for the role since knowing so would simplify the recruitment process for both parties. Moreover, you should also know who the newly-appointed individual will report to and how the designation will fit within the respective team and the organization. Once you have all the information regarding the role, ensure that you bring it to the intake meeting for a smooth discussion session. 

  • Request Resumes of Past Hires and Clear all Doubts

What most successful intake meetings have in common is the recruiters or acquisition team requesting the resumes of past hires to ensure that they have a clearer picture of employees that the company has hired in the past. Once the recruiter has an idea about the type of employees that the company has acquired in the past, they can move one step closer to completing the candidate profile required for the job. Once the data is laid out during the meeting, recruiters should clear any doubts and queries regarding the post that needs to be filled. Doing so will facilitate them to conveniently prospect and locate potential candidates that are perfect for the job and eventually hire the right choice successfully. 

If you wish to hold an intake meeting at your workplace, refer to the aforementioned tips for a smooth and productive discussion.