Short answer, get over it! You’re doing something that millions of others have done before you—sometimes multiple times with multiple failures before hitting that winning shot, which still took a full 48 minute game, with the season on the line. Their teammates had checked out mentally and they had seconds to make a second play. Win or go home! I know what you’re thinking: that sounds like a nice bundled up ball of anxiety being served in some “don’t try that soup”.

This sounds anguishing, but it’s important to realize something: you are in the game. All you have to do is make a play because the ball is in your hands. You have control over winning and advancing or doing nothing and ending your season right here forever wondering, what if?

Young entrepreneur nervous over starting business
Young man outdoors with sweat on forehead

There are external stimuli that affect us positively and negatively. Most of the time it’s negative. These things hinder you from starting a business: speaking to the wrong friends and family about ideas, fear of public speaking, and previous failures. There are a slew of things that make you a fear ridden mess when contemplating starting a business. Did I mention family gets in the way? Not in the way of your schedule so to speak, but in the way mentally. They can be the biggest negatives around, projecting their fears onto you.

5 Reasons Most People Don’t See The Success They Want

Frustrated entrepreneurs stuck at desk at work
Frustrated businessman sitting at desk at work

The solution as mentioned before is to get over yourself, but also—just get started! Do this by having a little conversation with yourself…quietly…in your mind (meditation) or in the mirror. Whatever floats your boat. But please refrain from doing this in public or you may end up in the back of an ambulance with some new friends headed to the awesomely uncool 5150 meet up. Back on track. By having this conversation, you are literally giving yourself permission to fail, but most importantly to succeed! It’s all mental. Everything that holds us back is a lack of mental fortitude. Don’t believe me? Look at what Laura Garnett Performance Strategist listed as her 5 reasons most people don’t see the success they want:

  • 1. They listen to their negative MENTAL chatter.
  • 2. They give up.
  • 3. They give up on their dreams.
  • 4. They listen to what others tell them.
  • 5. They focus on external validation versus internal.

Notice the repetition of a certain word “they” meaning you! Ultimately, it is you versus you. You are the key to unlocking the courage to pursuing and building the business of your dreams. But you have to commit to building a solid foundation of character and perseverance. That starts with giving yourself permission to be both successful and unsuccessful. Remember how many times you fell as a baby trying to walk? No one does. Everyone just remembers when you started walking. Let that sink in your mind a bit.

What Can You Do? What Will You Do?

Successful CEO starting new business
Successful CEO starting new business

I encourage you to read about successful entrepreneurs such as Oprah, Jack Ma, Tyler Perry (big recommendation), Barbara Corcoran, and J.K. Rowling. You’ll be surprised at the obstacles and adversity they went through to achieve their goals as entrepreneurs and manifest their visions. Each person mentioned displayed trueness in character and unyielding perseverance. Lastly:

  • 1. Get started.
  • 2. Get out of your head.
  • 3. Stop listening to other people who are not in a position where you want to be.
  • 4. Cut off the negativity.
  • 5. Go do great things.

Have more advice to help entrepreneurs get over the fear of starting their own business? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.