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We still live in a world with a lot of paperwork to handle. Some of these are legally binding documents, and it’s important to have the right type of expertise when preparing them. You want to ensure that all the necessary points are covered and that when these documents are executed, there aren’t any loopholes or issues with the binding contract.

That’s where we at The Legal Stop come in. We’ve been immersed in the business of crafting easy-to-read and understandable legal documents, and we’re completely transparent in our offering. We follow a pay-as-you-go fixed fee service with no surprises that may come up. What you’re quoted is what you’ll pay, nothing more.

Our paid legal services

For those that are looking for professionally drafted, simple-to-use ready-made legal and business documents, you can check out our complete offering here. So we’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for business and corporate documents or employment-related contracts and documents.

In this area, we also have Health and Safety, Land and Property, and personal family documents to help streamline a specific process or category. These document templates are ready for your changes. They come generalized, and a bit of editing to finalize them for use is required. 

At the same time, we offer a more hands-on legal service, where you work with a specialist lawyer who will draft bespoke contracts just for you and your needs and provide legal advice on the matter. All of this after you’ve given complete instructions and for a one-time fixed rate payment.

We don’t stop there and offer other pay-as-you-go fixed fee legal services like contract review for a document you’ve already created.

All of this comes from fully qualified, insured, and regulated lawyers with decades of experience. These lawyers have their own specialization to ensure that the best legal advice and service is provided.

Plenty of free content as well

Every Friday, we provide a Q&A on Twitter with your most pressing legal and contract questions. We do this simply with the expectation to educate and support our community with the most accurate information possible. We’ve also made available some standard common documents free of charge that you can check out and download immediately today.

We do this to pay back our growing user base and maintain proper contracts between all parties.

A topic of notice

We’ve heard some disturbing news about the confusion between our company and another company that offers legal services while at the same time appearing to be in breach of our Trademark and IP Rights. They have a similar business name, logo, branding, and design to ours. They also offer legal aid, which, to clarify, is not something The Legal stop offers.

The company causing this situation is called Lawstop, and, according to documents filed at Companies House the registered name is JHB LAW LTD, it has been incorporated only on 17 March 2017. JHB LAW LTD/Lawstop was a dormant company until the 31st of March 2018, it only became active after that.

Please note that The Legal stop has never affiliated with them in any way.

It begs the question, how can a lawyer not see that this is definitely a case of IP infringement? People and the authorities should pay attention to detail. Due to this, we have started legal proceedings to resolve this matter and eliminate the confusion between our long-standing company and this Legal Aid firm.