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An efficiently run fleet of trucks, cars, or other vehicles can mean the difference between a company’s profit and loss. In order to optimize yours, it is important to choose the right fleet management GPS tracker solutions. These high-tech, IoT devices will allow you to see real-time data on all vehicles’ location, speed, and other essential information. The more data you have to analyze, the better equipped your company will be to make smart decisions moving forward. Fleet GPS tracker options from EELink can help you save time, and money, and provide higher satisfaction ratings to all customers and clients.

Maximize the efficiency of your service vehicles or in-house supply chain solutions today.

What Is a Fleet Management GPS Tracker?

You do not have to use large, complicated systems in order to keep track of vehicle location. A fleet GPS tracker is a small, affordable device that uses the global positioning system to identify the physical location of any individual vehicle. Of course, putting one of these sensors into every car, truck, and van in your fleet means you will have a great overall picture of business activity related to transportation or shipping.

These devices transmit location data to your office computers or handheld devices so that authorized users can keep track of things and use the information to make operational changes. EELink offers a variety of cost-friendly options that are suitable for many different businesses.

The Technology Behind a Fleet GPS Tracker

Most GPS trackers specifically designed for vehicles do not look like much. They do not include flashy lights, sculpted shapes, or brightly colored brand labels. Instead, these unobtrusive gadgets are developed for function and durability first. They have sturdy, impact-resistant black cases, long-lasting wires to connect to the trucks or cars themselves, and the latest sensors and IoT transmission options available today.

In order to make sure these devices last for as long as possible and continue to transmit GPS location back to the office, they use internal lithium-ion batteries. Most are water resistant or completely waterproof, which extends their life even longer.

Sensing More than Geo-Location

While precise location data provides many benefits for businesses that rely on vehicles and transport, other information also helps. While some IoT devices only focus on GPS specifics, others offer a variety of other sensors and reliable information. Some of these options include vibration, collusion, and shock detection.

Others track maintenance records and identify electrical or other problems with the vehicle itself. You can also find sensors that combine GPS tracking with temperature and humidity information, light exposure, and other specifics designed to protect sensitive shipments throughout the supply chain.

Top Benefits of Fleet GPS Tracker Devices

These GPS tracking devices have become increasingly popular as more companies rely on smart logistics and efficient driving practices to improve profits. They offer a variety of different benefits for businesses with any type of commercial fleet. If you want to maximize how well your drivers or field technicians operate, these simple and cost-effective IoT devices can provide an amazing array of information. Then, you can transform this data into a series of minute improvements that create massive time and cost savings overall.

GPS Trackers Help Protect Vehicles

These small devices are an invaluable tool for keeping tabs on the location and status of a vehicle. When you can track the location of a car, truck, van, or even a motorcycle, you can immediately see if it has been stolen or involved in an accident. This is an important safety feature in the case of an extreme problem.

However, the protection afforded by fleet management GPS tracker solutions does not only help with these infrequent issues. Many of them have onboard trackers that also pay attention to maintenance records and see the overall function of the vehicle’s systems. If a device sends a notification automatically to your office computer dashboard that one or more trucks need oil changes, you can take action and keep your fleet in operation for much longer.

Track Your Employees’ Work Habits

GPS fleet trackers are becoming more and more popular as a way to track employee work reliability. When you have eyes on the entire route your drivers take, your company can ensure they are following instructions and using the most efficient habits possible. Unfortunately, not every person you hire to become a member of your brand will work with the highest degree of honesty and enthusiasm. Your ability to track the location of vehicles when they are out and about delivering products, going to client locations, or doing other essential work will help you weed out people that do not represent your company’s intention.

The most extreme examples of problems that may arise include diverging completely from the assigned route with the intention of shipment theft or simple laziness. In other cases, a fleet management GPS tracker can give you the necessary information so that you can help drivers improve their productivity during an average work day.

Keep Drivers Safer with Fleet GPS Trackers

In the end, your employees are your most valuable assets, and keeping them safe should be a top priority for your company. When you track the GPS of every vehicle in your fleet, you can help maximize their security and physical safety by integrating location information with real-time insights about road conditions. This is one thing that can improve employee satisfaction and help you retain more talented and productive members of your staff.

Consider the advantages that would come from combining GPS data with traffic updates about accidents or weather reports of extreme storms, flooding, or snow and ice. Not only can you reroute your drivers to avoid these types of delays, but you can also do so to ensure their safety on the road. Remember that satisfied workers who know their employer has their best interest at heart are always willing to work harder for you.

Create More Efficient and Faster Routes

Besides safety, one of the most important benefits of fleet management GPS tracker devices is efficiency. This is one metric that all companies need to pay attention to if they want to reduce costs, minimize wasted time, and improve profitable operations overall. When you gather real-time location data, you have the power to analyze it over time and create new travel routes for your entire fleet.

This is one of the most obvious and important reasons to use this type of tracker in every car or truck in your fleet. Most drivers will use visible GPS in order to help them get to their destination without getting lost. You should support their ability to do that, of course. However, having hidden tracking devices that send data to the office directly provides extra benefits. A consumer-focused device usually has options that let the driver plan their route. For example, they could avoid major highways or take the scenic route when on vacation.

With the information from the tracker, you can develop specific routes designed for efficiency above all else. The last thing you want is for your delivery drivers, field technicians, or other essential employees to choose the scenic route option when customers are waiting.

Transportation is a critical part of many businesses across industries and niches, but it also represents a major expense for these companies. Gasoline prices fluctuate, traffic patterns change, and new customers can lead you to different parts of the country you are not familiar with. A fleet GPS tracker can help businesses keep tabs on the vehicles and make sure they are using the most efficient route possible. Even shaving off a couple of miles from a series of roads traveled every day can save a lot on gas and wear and tear on cars and trucks.

Give Accurate Delivery Schedules to Customers

All of the benefits listed so far focus on how the company itself can improve operations with the use of these simple IoT devices. However, tracking the GPS of any vehicle in your supply chain or transportation and delivery system can also help customers in great ways. They allow you to give accurate delivery schedules that provide them with the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for expected deliveries.

This can help customers plan their days and make sure they are available to receive shipments. Not only does this make them happy, but it also increases the efficiency of your last-mile supply chain management. There will be fewer instances where your drivers will need to attempt a redelivery if someone is not available to accept the package.

This is also a huge opportunity to provide excellent customer service to people buying your products or another company relying on wholesale deliveries. A fleet GPS tracker benefits both B2B and B2C businesses in very similar ways. The moment someone asks, “Where is my order?” you can access the GPS tracking data and give them an up-to-date and accurate answer.

Improve Customer Service Across the Board

No matter what type of company you operate, customer service is one of the most important ingredients to your success. Whether your customers are individual private consumers or other companies that rely on you for their own operations, accurate trackers for every vehicle in your fleet can make a difference. People and businesses are much more likely to continue using your services or buying your products if they get exactly what they want when they want it.

Fleet Management GPS Tracker Use Cases

As the popularity of these IoT devices grows, the benefits of using them become much more obvious to a wide array of business types. All the above-mentioned advantages like safety, customer service, and improved efficiency are highly attractive to any organization that relies on supply chain logistics, over-the-road transport, local deliveries, or field technicians.

The ability to get real-time information and also use that data to analyze operations and improve routes and employee practices is invaluable. Consider these specific use cases that can help you decide to add fleet GPS tracker devices to your vehicles.

Supply Chain, Logistics, and Delivery Companies

The most obvious industries and business types that benefit from it GPS tracking provide supply chain services specifically. This includes everything from long-haul trucking companies that carry other people’s products across the country to last-mile delivery careers picking up orders from one place and bringing them directly to a buyer’s house or place of business. Both of these options and everything in between can benefit from knowing exactly where the vehicle is and if it will arrive at its destination on time.

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