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How is anyone supposed to carve a name for themselves in today’s market? It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. If you’re like billions of people around the world who took self-marketing and entrepreneurship over complacency, you’ve been stuck between hordes of competition that have sprung up in the wake of the pandemic. Those who have thrived attest their success to being technologically innovative and customer-centric, glossing over the importance of their staff. For CEO Eva Garzón, the importance of maintaining a team that reflects your brand name with enthusiasm cannot be stressed enough.

Eva Garzón is the founder of the exclusive realty agency known as The Grand Lion Real Estate Group. She’s been making waves in the Miami market as one of the youngest and most successful realtors in the local industry. She initially came to the United States intending to do a paid internship and ended up staying for her newfound love of the real estate industry. Now she and her team manage billions of dollars worth of real estate assets stretching from commercial to residential to rental. So how did the young entrepreneur go from intern to Miami’s premier realtor, especially in a market so volatile and oversaturated?

Hire people that compliment your values

To build public trust, it’s important, to be honest with clients and audiences about who you are as a brand. As such, you have to hire people with complementary values and goals who reflect those of your company. Likewise, if your team consists of people with contrasting goals and values, not only does it hinder your growth, but it also weakens public opinion.

Garzón makes it a point to hire a diverse team from different backgrounds and walks of life, all of whom embody her and her company perfectly, matching her enthusiasm and passion for real estate. It’s easy to simply settle for less, especially when you’re in dire need of help, but Garzón advises against it. There’s bound to be the perfect candidate that matches the passion you have for your industry, and you can find them with patience and a refusal to compromise.

Clarify your expectations

Don’t dilly-dally in clarifying your expectations of future team members. Be transparent and concise from day one about the ethics, values, and goals of the brand, and where they fit into your vision beyond simply their list of duties. More importantly, Garzón advises that “this should be done right off the bat,” straight from the interview. If the candidate can’t match your passion and commitment, they may not be the one for you.

As she puts it in one interview, “I make sure everyone who is coming to work for me knows what they’re signing up for. I really reinforce the importance of having a strong sense of team values, goals, and code of ethics in the company – and I think it’s important to communicate that this matters to you upfront, so applicants know that their success at your company goes beyond the job descriptions.”

Nurture team dynamic

Strong communication and dynamic skills are paramount to building an effective team. To this end, Garzón facilitates team building and creates opportunities to promote friendship and comradery in and out of the office. She also breaks them into small teams, providing a sense of community and trust while preventing communication issues that result from the chaos of large groups. Garzón adds, “reflecting the brand also means showing one another respect and kindness, and that’s another expectation I’m firm about.” The end result is a team that is synchronized and reliable, and one that anyone would be happy to have to represent their brand.