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What doesn’t stop, even during a pandemic or even a recession?

Your marketing.

As costs rise and global uncertainty runs high, optimizing your social presence has never been more important.


Because social selling creates conversations that lead to new business, and this should be a priority, especially during a recession. Remember, somewhere, there is always a flow of money and resources. Staying relevant (and open) helps you find the stream.

All you need is a divining rod: Dennis Koutoudis, Emily Pappas, and their team at LinkedSuperPowers. 

Originally from Athens, and now based in Dubai, Koutoudis is a vest-wearing, globally recognized social media expert. He and his team (which includes his wife and business partner, Emily Pappas) are among the most trusted names in social media marketing and are especially known for their great specialization and expertise on LinkedIn.

They’ve been featured in Forbes, Fortune, CNN, CBS, Huffpost, Entrepreneur, and many other international publications. To date, they have reached millions of people and influenced or directly helped thousands of companies accomplish their unique professional goals through their vast expertise and knowledge of social media marketing. 

“We walk the talk, that’s one of the things that make us stand out. We cannot offer you, social media followers, without having a significant number, ourselves. [3M+] We cannot offer you LinkedIn presence optimization without having an optimized presence ourselves. We use our lead generation service, first–for ourselves. Our content service is superb. All of these capabilities have worked so well that our clients today include household names; the largest multinationals and Fortune 500 companies.” 

In addition to being the #1 international bestselling author, this year, their faces were seen over Times Square. Their global reach matches their more than 20 years of experience in social media: 12 years in-house across various industries, and 8 years significantly growing their own company, LinkedSuperPowers Group, in a highly competitive market. 

Dennis is also the creator of ‘The Ask Dennis Show’, a live event that last year drew 18.000 attendees. This year, Koutoudis is more than doubling the audience and will host 40,000 attendees.

If success is about who you know, knowing Dennis & Emily is how thousands of entrepreneurs and organizations have found success. 

Whether you’re a business or an individual, LinkedSuperPowers can help you stand out to acquire new clients, and customers, find employment or even excite your investors–across all social channels.