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Business Enquirer is among the fastest-growing business digital media companies in Europe. BE Media Group is among the leading private-owned businesses and has media partnerships worldwide. It was started in 2007 and is in the 5th generation of ownership. It reaches 12 million consumers worldwide and is operational in 117 countries. It is part of the Carter & Co Group and is a well-known UK-based publisher and digital commercial publisher. 

Jamie Waite, Partner & CEO, and Malvern Kandemwa, Partner & COO, are the two partners behind Business Enquirer. 

Jamie Waite, Partner & CEO

The mission of Business Enquirer is to do everything possible to expand the media world. They achieve this by researching positive business stories, making the publication sustainable, and developing a creative global team. With this, the company wants to positively impact the communities in which the team lives and works.

Speaking about Business Enquirer, Jamie Waite said, “Our sole purpose is to take the world forward with the help of innovation and leadership media. We want to break barriers and develop a community for changing the world of business”.

The professional team at Business Enquirer consists of individuals who are empowered and from diverse backgrounds. They are experts in the digital field. These experts work as an extension of the in-house team and provide guidance, technical support, and digital guidance whenever needed. They aid in solving digital problems and developing marketing strategies that will help businesses grow and develop their brand visibility.

According to Malvern Kandemwa, “The world is our community. And at Business Enquirer, we believe that businesses have the power of changing the world for the better”.

As well as delivering ground breaking business news, Business Enquirer offers a range of services including Search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing, Video marketing, Social media marketing, Brand optimization, Affiliate marketing, Pr, Content marketing, Social advertising, Influencer marketing, Email marketing, and many more.

Business Enquirer has also developed a job-hunting platform. It will aid job-seeking individuals to go through any jobs in any industry. It will also help employers to choose the right candidate for their business. 

The Business Enquirer Magazine exists for bringing inspiration and innovation to every business leader globally. 

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About Business Enquirer:

Business Enquirer is among the quickest developing business digital media organizations in Europe. Jamie Waite, Partner, and CEO, and Malvern Kandemwa, Partner and COO, are the two partners behind Business Enquirer. The mission of Business Enquirer is to do all that could be within reach for growing media and inspiring business leaders around the world. They accomplish this by exploring groundbreaking stories, making the distribution practical, and fostering an imaginative worldwide group.

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