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Building a strong, collaborative employee team is a key element to organizational success. Employee teams are one of the best ways to accomplish business objectives. Taking independently talented people and merging their talents allows them the opportunity to release their creativity and contribute to the company goals in a group dynamic. Furthermore, this feeling of being a part of company goals will boost employee performance, loyalty and engagement.

Here are some ways to build a great culture for small teams:

Bigger Picture

  • An important element of developing a strong team or task force in your company is having a group of individuals who are focused on a collective effort greater than themselves.
  • It’s important to understand that people cannot be forced to take part in a team; there has to be a natural desire to belong and contribute. Thus, business leaders must clearly define vision and goals, and they align with group’s efforts.

Meet with the Team

Group of coworkers having culture building meeting
Group of coworkers having culture building meeting
  • Make it a point to have regular weekly meetings with the team. Consistency builds rapport, encourages productivity, and brings the importance of improvement to the forefront.
  • These meetings also provide leaders the opportunity of reinforcing the overall vision. It cannot be said once and then forgotten; leaders must use meetings to infuse a sense of purpose, continued growth and productivity in the team.
  • Another important element of meeting regularly is the opportunity for the team to get to know each other. Understanding each person’s workflow and strengths will build rapport and camaraderie within the team. Take the time to motivate the team and bring out their talents and creativity.

Create Leaders, Promote Learning

Coworkers sitting with manager in meeting
Coworkers sitting with manager in meeting
  • Cultivating leadership and emphasizing mentorship have beneficial impacts in establishing a team’s culture.
  • Communicate clearly and frequently with the team to ensure everyone is heading in the same direction. Give constructive feedback to encourage productivity and creativity. Also be open-minded. You may learn from your team as well, so encourage them to offer their feedback.
  • Lead by example. Take the time to teach your team members. Also facilitate and participate in efforts to grow and improve, and be patient. Each team member has something unique to offer.

These are only a few methods to develop and build a strong team culture. Leaders can get creative and devise various ways to build their teams. Encourage continuous learning and goal achievement to prevent team members from becoming complacent or bored in their positions. Provide tools, resources and support they need to be successful and move forward in their careers. Lastly, don’t forget to treat your team members like they matter and are not simply resources for the company to use. Find ways to foster your team’s self-esteem, ambition, independence, and desire for growth. Great organizational culture makes for a stronger sense of community and is a formula for company success.

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