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Sergen Isici- As a child of immigrant parents he has always been aware of the struggles one has to face in life. Hence his efforts taught him that hard work pays off which is why he started pursuing his dreams at an early age.

His passion for photography aroused at age 15, along with his desire of being self-employed one day. Apart from taking photos and filming videos in nightclubs, he began tightening his by then self-acquired knowledge about photography by starting an apprenticeship and slowly but surely building his empire.

His breakthrough occurred to be a few years ago due to connections he had built overtime to some of the most famous rappers in Germany – among them are Samra; Bushido; Capital Bra; Alpa Gun; Massiv; Loredana and Mozzik- which paved his way to becoming a well-known photo-and videographer in the industry. Ever since he has been receiving one job offer after another.

Despite his success, Isici kept going on and found his own company called “On Air Berlin Management GmbH” in March 2021 with him not only as the manager but as the artist as well. It’s unusual for him to be in front of the camera but this reflects his character which always strives to challenge himself and reach for more. His upcoming music career appears to be put in the genre of rap/dance based on several snippets he has shared via social media so far.


Concluding, one can say that the 28-year-old Sergen Isici has already achieved a lot of accomplishments at such a young age and seems to have reached the peak of his career, particularly because he indicated he will be releasing new music in the coming year which leaves his supporters excited for the future. There is no doubt that Isici has become a successful newcomer by now from whom we will certainly hear a lot in the future.