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Manufactured from components such as wood, metal, or plastic, pallets are flat structures that are used in the transportation of bulk packaged goods. Usually, pallets are employed for use within a warehouse or industrial setting as they require a pallet jack or forklift for movement. Due to their standardized sizing, pallets are neatly stackable and they are often used during the shipment of goods.

Common Pallet Types And Construction Materials

Though many types of pallets exist, they are usually manufactured from sturdy materials such as wood, plastic or metal.

*Wood: these pallets are the most widely available and used within the shipping industry. They are easily found constructed from hardwoods such as oak or maple as well as affordable softwoods such as pine and spruce. What’s more, these pallets are available for purchase new, however used wood pallets are available to purchase.

*Metal: these pallets are reserved when heavy duty lifting is required, and as such, aluminum or steel are the construction materials of choice. Used by the government or automotive industry, these pallets are long-lasting and have the ability to bear large amounts of weight. Their downside, of course, is a higher price tag than that of wood or plastic.

*Plastic: lightweight and durable, these affordable options are also sustainable thanks to the use of recycled plastic materials. Used by the food industry or those with chemical-based products, plastic pallets resist bacteria and are undesirable for pests.

*Hybrids: these pallets often contain more than one material, and are nicknamed as hybrids as a result. Used in specialized applications, they offer the best of both worlds when two sturdy materials are employed in their constructions.

Advantages Of Wooden Pallets

*Durable And Sturdy

Granted that proper maintenance is employed, wood pallets are both sturdy and long-lasting. They can bear heavy loads while also remaining budget-friendly for most organizations.

*Low Cost

As mentioned previously, these pallets are the cheapest option on the market. They’re widely available and easy to procure. Find used wood pallets for sale.

*Versatile Applications


Thanks to their stability and durability, wooden pallets are employed in the use of many industries such as storage, shipping, and transportation.

Thanks to their recyclable nature, wooden pallets are the top choice for eco-conscious organizations. They are a much better investment than disposable plastic pallets!

*Easily Repaired

Unlike metal or plastic pallets that are disposed of when needing maintenance, wood pallets are easily repaired with minimal effort.

Businesses choose wooden pallets thanks to their affordability and reliability as well as their ability to offer sustainable solutions.

Advantages Of Plastic Pallets


Thanks to their ability to resist damage by harsh environments, plastic pallets are seen as more durable than their wooden counterparts. Their ability to withstand and resist moisture as well as pests makes them highly prized in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

*Reduced Weight

Plastic pallets by nature are swiftly moved and are lighter weight than wooden ones. For this reason, companies enjoy using them for shipping purposes.


Unlike wooden pallets, plastic pallets are highly hygienic and have antibacterial properties. As such, industries where significant levels of cleanliness are required will make use of them.


Much like wood, plastic pallets are sustainable for two reasons. Firstly, they are manufactured from already recycled plastic. Second, they also have the potential to get recycled at the end of their lifespans.


Though slightly higher in cost than wood, plastic pallets last much longer. Additionally, they also don’t require any amount of maintenance or repairs in order to provide long-term service. This means that looking at the investment over the course of a few years, it’s a better investment than wood.

*Customization Available

Depending on what an organization does and what their needs are, plastic pallets are easily customized to meet their specific requirements. Whether that includes weight specifications and dimensions, plastic has the ability to become the most customized option to date. Unfortunately, the same level of customization simply isn’t possible with wooden pallets.