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Ever wondered how someone comes back from an utter business failure? Dr. Erika Halle can tell you how. She purchased her first business, a veterinary clinic, right out of veterinary school which only lasted 4 years before collapsing.

This failure may have sent many people back to the world of employment, bitter from their failure, but not Dr. Erika. She went on to consider buying two other practices but after trial periods of working there, she had the realization that this was not the path that was a fit for her soul and this was the very reason that the first business had disintegrated.

During that year of exploring other practices to buy into, she turned to the inner work that she’d been doing for over a decade already and uncovered the blueprint for her perfect-fit soul business. This was very fortunate since the work in these other practices was leading her down a short road to severe burnout.

“I always say, in soul business if it hurts, it’s time to find a different way,” says Dr. Erika Halle. After helping herself out of burnout and into an aligned, pleasurable, soul business, she has made it her mission to help other women and feminine folks to find their own pleasurable businesses.

Dr. Erika Halle thinks it’s time for the feminine to rise into her power. It’s time for you to find your purpose and leverage that to create a perfectly aligned business. This will change your life!

Dr. Erika Halle

1. Trigger Warning!

Yes, being the owner of any business (particularly micro business) will trigger you, and when your business is based on your calling in the world, your soul-aligned mission that triggering can be much more intense.

Fortunately being triggered is not a negative thing. Sure it’s uncomfortable, but triggers show us where the pain lives. If we know how to listen to them they will show us what parts of us need healing and often will hand us the keys to healing those wounds as well.

2. Burn Out Ahead

If your business (or job) is truly soul-aligned in all ways, it will not lead to burnout! Burnout is one of the late signs that what you’re doing or how you’re doing it is not in alignment for you.

If you feel you’re heading towards burnout even a little bit, it’s time to re-evaluate your work (and possibly the rest of your life). The beauty of this process is that the more you get your work tuned in to what is truly in alignment, the more the rest of your life has to follow.

3. Get to Know Yourself

If you think you don’t have a purpose or a mission in this lifetime, think again!

Get to know yourself on a deep level. What do you love? What makes you angry? What do you feel intensely motivated to change about the world, society, or your field? This is pointing you to your mission, your aligned work!

4. This Doesn’t Make Sense!

I cannot tell you how many times something has happened in my business that just does not make sense from a logical perspective. Recently I tripled my fees and changed my hours after 5 years in business. My projections said that if my bookings stayed the same my income should double.

My income stayed the same and so did my bookings. It made no sense at all. Then I had a major money breakthrough two months after cutting my hours in half again and my income was exactly the same as before I cut my hours (ie, double what it was per hour last year). Nothing else was different with the schedule, bookings, etc. The only thing that was different was healing the wound.

5. Change Yourself – Change the World

It’s a pretty widely known concept at this point that we can change the world by all getting lit up with our passions. Moving into a soul-aligned business is one way to do this.

Not only will you become a beacon of passion and soul-aligned purpose, but also every one of our soul missions is necessary to elevate humanity. Yes, even yours. No matter what your mission is, it is needed right now to change the world. Even if what you’re bringing to the table doesn’t look like a world-level game changer to you, it is to someone and when combined with all the other millions of rising soul-inspired entrepreneurs’ missions it has the power to save us all!

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Dr. Erika Halle is a global Spiritual Business Coach for women and feminine folks ready to heal their burnout and forge a soul-aligned path to sacred wealth and a luxuriously supported life.

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