The art of dance is a true form of human expression in so many ways. It is said the first recorded dances were in India and Egypt, but also in Greece and China. Those types of dances were either to honor a deity or to entertain a king or queen. Since then dancing has taken on so many different styles depending on the cultural roots of a specific dance. Many of these cultural styles from overseas have intertwined with American types.

The styles that were fairly dominant in the US were jazz, ballroom, tap, ballet, and folk. But others also grew out of those same styles like disco, hip hop, and freestyle. Dancer and aspiring choreographer, Justin Corbo, has mastered many of these styles over the years. He was at first into figure skating but knew his real passion was off the ice as a dancer. Upon his completion of college, he put into motion his desire to pursue dancing as a career.

Justin Corbo at Hit the Floor All Star Showcase in Toronto Canada
Justin Corbo atHit the Floor All Star Showcase in Toronto Canada

Justin stepped into the field of dance learning every style imaginable from hip hop, contemporary, jazz, and many more. Being multi-faceted in the dance world is paramount to being a success. Yet his main focus has been shuffle and commercial. During his journey he has been inspired by such talent like Janelle Ginestra and Parris Goebel amongst others.

He has had the pleasure of being a part of music videos with artists like Laurence Nerbonne “Montréal XO” and “Nos cœurs” and Klô Pelgag “Samedi soir à la violence”. In addition, he has worked with Mario St. Amand and Julie Hamelin. Outside of music videos he has performed with hip hop dance crews like Maddz and LLD (Louise Lapierre Danse). Many of his videos have garnered over a million views with such artists like Vanesa Seco, Lauren Gottlieb, Katy Esquivel, and many more.

His talent and skill earned him 1st place in the Hit the Floor All Star Showcase in Toronto Canada. As the youngest choreographer to ever win 1st place, this competition was a big accomplishment. The team that Justin led in the contest was Triggerz. Hit the Floor All Star Showcase is a global event that presents multi-style dance competitions that involve individuals of various ages and backgrounds that features 2,000 talented dancers. They take the stage to compete for $15,000 in cash prizes and scholarships awarded by a panel of industry judges.

One of Justin’s main focuses has been working on social media content and concept videos. For 2022 he is looking forward to choreographing with the only shuffle dance crew in the world Shuffolution amongst other projects. To keep up with Justin look no further than the links below.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.