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5 Tips For Dressing In The Workplace

The days of dressing in formal suits and tailored dresses with high heels to the office are over. Fewer and fewer companies require strict, formal dress codes for their employees in order to maintain a more comfortable, casual environment. While this casual dress code creates


Do You Need A Suit And Tie To Be An Entrepreneur in 2022?

An entrepreneur’s fashion tells us about the environment of their workspace. With the average entrepreneur, this creates the concept of business wear, a dress code that refers to what type of clothing is appropriate for work. With that being said, it just brings up a


2021 Women’s Fashion Trends That Will Make Your Life Simpler

Covid-19 changed everything—including the fashion industry. The fashion industry has declined during 2020 for many reasons: people staying home willingly to shield themselves from the virus; restricted travel; job lay-offs; working from home; and not many places to go, period. So why shop at all?


Can GREY.style make you hustle smarter while in style?

All around us are hardworking individuals who are striving to defy expectations and move humankind forward. Inspired by these nonconformists, entrepreneurs and disruptors, GREY tells their stories through fashion. Since 2016, GREY has embarked into this uncharted territory. All who dare to share the journey


Nike Announces New Maternity Clothes For Mompreneurs Everywhere

Are you a new mom and constantly hustling to do the best in your workplace? Do you feel like there is no comfy, fresh clothing for you to wear while conquering the day? You’re not alone, and there’s a new and comfortable line that can


How Moon Magic Is Empowering Women With Eco-Conscious Jewelry

At Moon Magic, responsible entrepreneurism means more than simply supplying women with pretty shiny things. Moon Magic loves the joy and beauty that their jewelry brings to the lives of their customers, and they know that doing business today means keeping an eye on the


How To Dress Like A Boss Based with Zodiac Fashion

It happens practically every time you meet someone new. You’re in the middle of a conversation and someone asks, “What’s your sign?” Humans have been studying astrology for thousands of years and use horoscopes to determine whether or not their personalities are compatible with potential


Love Is Love Pride Edition Tee Is Here

Some of our most innovative thinkers, disruptive movers and shakers have been members of the LGBTQ community. In support of Gay & Lesbian Pride Month, GREY created this special edition Box Logo Tee and is on discount for a limited time.  $19 (Original: $39) So anyone can proudly express


The Unknown Scandal Behind White Tee Shirts

To quote, Sam Wolfson from the Guardian, “There is no such thing as a plain white T-shirt. Tiny, almost imperceptible differences between them can be life-changing. It’s also the last of the great men’s staples. So many of the sacred cows of trendy menswear have


The Controversial History of Pockets

If you happen to look at women’s clothing these days, they’re loaded with pockets. To a man, this may not mean much. Hell, pockets have been around forever, you might think. But in reality, the story of pockets and its war in history, given its