Top 7 Tips To Earn You That Dream Job In A Growing Startup

Many companies are beginning to sprout rapidly in different locations. However, some candidates find it difficult to gain employment into startups. This is perhaps because startups are relatively close-knit and are adamant to admit as much into their usually comfortable arrangement. Generally, tricks to earning


Better.com CEO Fires Over 900 Employees Via Zoom

Earlier this month, Better.com CEO, Vishal Garg, announced that the mortgage company has decided to lay off about 9% of its workforce on a zoom webinar. This was a mass call that informed over 900 employees that they will be terminated before the upcoming holiday


U.S. Jobless Claims Fall To Lowest Level Since 1969

The Labor Department announced on Thursday that weekly unemployment claims in the U.S. dropped from 227,000 to 184,000, the lowest since Sept. 6, 1969, which were a reported 182,000. This is a far lower count than what had been predicted. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones

Different workers holding hands

White House Is Asking That Employers Hold Off On Firing Unvaccinated Workers Till 2022

Although President Biden’s vaccine requirement for federal workers started last week, the White House is encouraging education, counseling, and reprimanding rather than firing. On Monday, the Office of Management and Budget addressed agencies to discourage firing workers until early 2022. The White House itself will


Millions Are Unemployed, Yet Businesses Still Struggle To Find Employees

The U.S. unemployment rate has sky rocketed in the past year. Yet despite this, many essential businesses struggle to find employees that stick around. Business owners and managers alike are desperate to find extra help during these busy times. They have increased their wages, enrolled


COVID-19 Is Taking More Jobs Away From Us As Cases Rise

Over the course of the pandemic, we have seen job availability decrease in hundreds of cities. When people closed their doors for the first time in March 2020, unemployment rates sky-rocketed and the demand for workers that was once high, became super low. There was


Looking For Work? The Auto Industry Could Use Your Help

The auto industry has taken a big hit during this pandemic, but not in the way that you think. While the sales and the making of cars have been at a steady rate throughout this pandemic, the workers have been harder to come by. Employees


California’s Ruling Could Make Things Worse For Uber And Lyft Drivers?

In a ruling Monday, the 17th of August 2020, a California superior court judge, Ethan Schulman, said Lyft and Uber should reclassify their workers as employees and not independent contractors. This California’s gig economy law makes it harder for these companies to hire workers as


How To Cope With Unemployment And Other Issues During COVID-19

Tragically, COVID-19 has caused some major upheaval in our nation, and while some places are seeing decreasing numbers like Maryland and Massachusetts, places like Kentucky and Florida are seeing increasingly high levels. Even in states with fewer cases, job numbers remain low. If you have


Airbnb’s Layoff Process Shows You The Right Way To Do It

As the global economy continues to find itself drowning under the weight of the COVID-19 health crisis, Silicon Valley tech giants have had to massively downsize their companies. Millions of employees have been laid off by firms ranging from Airbnb to Uber in last-ditch efforts


Monster.com Makes Dark Jokes As Unemployment Rate Rises

Its time for summer guys! For those of you who are employed, you might be sitting in the sun, relaxing as you enjoy the weather after work. But for those who are jobless, you are probably glued to the internet searching for work. Currently, there