Spotify Prepares to Test Apple’s Reaction to the Upcoming EU Digital Markets Act

GPT In a landmark move, Spotify is set to challenge Apple following the introduction of the European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA), effective from March 7. This groundbreaking legislation aims to limit the dominance of digital "gatekeepers" and counteract unfair competitive practices. Spotify's response includes new app designs for EU users, highlighting transparent pricing and diverse subscription options, directly opposing Apple's traditional restrictions. These changes, contingent on Apple's compliance, signify a pivotal shift in digital market dynamics and consumer choice in the EU.

This Online Sport Is Taking People By Storm On Twitch

One of the many sports that some people do not think is a sport has recently gotten some spotlight in 2020 and that sport is chess. Yes, chess. Being a two-player, strategic game that involves a checkered board and many pieces, chess is now a


Which Businesses Are Booming During COVID-19 Lockdowns?

We live in trying times. As COVID-19 spreads across the globe and nations race to deal with its containment; many businesses are forced to temporarily close their doors, or wildly alter how they operate.  Some businesses, however, have found themselves in an unexpected boom. As