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Top 5 Emerging Cities for Startup Founders to Watch

When we think of startups, the image that often comes to mind is a bustling office in Silicon Valley. However, there’s a growing trend of entrepreneurs setting up shop in smaller, more affordable cities across the U.S. These cities offer a unique blend of resources,


What to consider when naming your company (updated for 2022)?

Almost every entrepreneur first finds out what will be their business motive and then tries to find an attractive name for their business accordingly. Naming a company is a hard and most essential part of starting up a company because in some cases the name

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Fireside chat with a Creative Mind and a Founder Raul Machuca Jr

Today I had the honor of sitting down with Raul E Machuca Jr. He is one of the creative minds in Dallas I admire greatly. Raul is the founder of Machuca Design Marketing Services, is a creative and successful professional with 9 + years of