No more shuffles: Spotify Fixes a Problem – For a Fee.

For a long time, the Spotify application had a distinct way of getting music to your ears. When you typed in an artist like Beyonce, you’d see a combined shuffle play button at the top of your screen followed by a bunch of her hits.


What It’s Like To Be An Independent Musician During A Global Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought forth many trials and tribulations for everyone around the world, independent musicians included. According to a survey led by Americans for the Arts, it has left 62 percent of artists fully unemployed. As well as more than 94 percent experiencing loss


Spotify And Anchor Are Teaming Up To Make Podcasts Even Better!

Over the past few years, Spotify has quickly become one of the top music platforms out there. Spotify offers a monthly subscription plan that can give you un-interrupted listening on anything on the app. From tons of different genres to a wide podcast variety to


What’s Spotify Doing To The Music Industry?

“Music is Life.” Or so I used to scribble in the margins of my spiral notebooks in middle school. Music has always evolved for me to meet me where I’m at. So although I no longer write my music afflictions in graffiti format, like an adult,


Spotify Dominates The Podcast Industry With Gimlet Media

With the impending death of traditional television, marketers are at a loss. Because so few people sit and watch live TV nowadays, commercials are no longer as powerful as they once were. However, neither are the streaming services that so cunningly forced TV into the