Kohl’s Is Getting A Major Glam Up, Which Is Bad News For JCPenney

Sephora has ran stores within JCPenney since 2006. However, there has been animosity between the two brands for a while now. When JCPenney filed for bankruptcy in May 2020, Sephora attempted to pack their bags and leave the department store. After JCP sued, the two


Here’s The One Thing You Can Do To Support Black-Owned Startups

With so many companies vocalizing their support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, it’s so easy to jump on the band wagon and post a blackout photo on social media and then go about your day. However, what really matters is taking action. If you’re a business


Unbelievable New Beauty Tech Products Changing The Industry

Who doesn’t love smart gadgets? Look around! They’re everywhere! Your smartphone, tablets, smart watches, smart voice assistants. Now, some of us even have smart homes where we control everything from heating to lighting from our phones! The beauty industry isn’t far behind on this trend.