Top 10 2023 Holiday Office Gift Guide

The holiday season is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gifts for your office colleagues and employees. Whether you’re planning a year-end office party or simply want to show your appreciation, choosing the right gifts can make a


6 Beautiful Vacation Spots For The Overworked Entrepreneur

We can all use a good vacation nowadays with the pandemic stress overload and constant fear of what tomorrow will bring. However, this stress can double when you are a full-time entrepreneur, and your livelihood depends on the success of your business. Entrepreneurship is a


How To Get Through The Stressful Holiday Season With Grace

This year has flown by so quickly. In stores, I have been seeing holiday decorations since August. It’s now mid-October and the holidays are quickly approaching. For me, the holiday season begins with Halloween and goes through the end of the year. There is so


5 Positive Affirmations That Will Remind You To Dream

You already know what time it is. The Good Energy truck is on its way to dump some aspiring, enlightening words to see you through this week. I hope the previous affirmations have helped you or someone you love, to feel the sunshine when the


3 Tips To Self-Care Sunday Every Day Of The Week

When Covid-19 came in and swept the world, every individual was hit hard financially, mentally, and physically. The world stopped and everything we knew and loved was put on hold. How did we cope with this enormous amount of stress and fear? Well, according to