Is Your Business Ready to Become a Money Making Machine?

Transforming your business into a money-making machine requires strategic planning, smart investments, and a proactive mindset. Leveraging key concepts like compounding and financial independence, and utilizing essential financial instruments such as money market accounts, 401(k)s, IRAs, dividend stocks, and REITs, can significantly enhance your financial growth. This blog provides actionable advice on adopting an entrepreneurial mindset, investing early, and saving consistently to achieve financial independence and grow your net worth. Discover how to make your money work for you and secure a stable, profitable future for your business.
Joe Himelick
Founder 1-on-1

Joe Himelick On Blending Life’s Values with Wealth Management Expertise

In our engaging conversation with Joe Himelick of Himelick Financial Group, we uncover the depth of his commitment to not just financial planning, but to forging meaningful, lasting relationships with his clients. Joe shares his journey into finance, highlighting the importance of empathy, personalized strategy, and continuous learning in navigating the ever-changing financial landscape. His unique approach emphasizes understanding clients' stories and goals, proving wealth management is more than numbers—it's about people, trust, and planning for future generations.

Retirement Planning for Entrepreneurs

Retirement planning is a crucial aspect of financial stability, ensuring that individuals can enjoy their golden years without worrying about financial constraints. For entrepreneurs, who often have irregular income streams and unique financial situations, retirement planning takes on a different level of importance. This article


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Relaxing is one thing that’s good to do after you retire, but too much relaxing can get boring. However, it doesn’t need to be that way. Getting out and staying active will help make your retirement fulfilling. Most people tend to retire later in life,


Ways To Secure a Happy Retirement

While some will be jumping for joy at the idea of retirement, others may feel a little hesitant. It’s a huge step that alters your entire lifestyle and day-to-day routine, so feeling overwhelmed by it is perfectly normal. If you’re unsure of how to approach


The Best 401(k) Plans For Entrepreneurs

So, you’ve taken the big leap and started your own business! Time to get started on that checklist. Website is up and running, orders are coming in, business plan all written out. But something is still missing…a retirement account? Now? Your early 20s or 30s


How To Invest Your Money Wisely To Retire Early

The first investment option that I want to look at is the stock market. Even though the Dow Jones fell 1,800 points in June, we can still find ways to put money into the stock market that will produce money in the bigger scheme. Take


When Is The Right Time To Sell Your Business?

You might have just started your business, or maybe you have beaten the odds and have been doing this for years. Regardless of where you stand, no one can deny owning a business is a journey. And it’s a crazy journey at that. You basically