Earnings Recession Intensifies: Brace for Challenging Times Ahead

Second-quarter earnings season is set to commence this week, and the outlook appears grim. Forecasts indicate a third consecutive quarter of declining earnings. According to consensus estimates from UBS, S&P 500 companies are projected to experience a decline of approximately 7% in earnings per share


Debt from the holidays is at an eight-year high, up 24%, at $1,549

According to a recent debt poll, consumers did not let the decades-high inflation stop them from using their credit cards to make purchases this holiday season. According to a LendingTree poll of 2,050 adults conducted between December 16 and 19, they now want to take


The Fed is not to blame for the change in the inflationary tide..

Numerous new indications indicate that the war on inflation is over, and not because of the Fed. On Wednesday, talk of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates will be rampant, and people will be talking about everything they do and say. That probably increases short-term


As inflation bites into budgets, more consumers are financing holiday gifts.

According to new information on Thanksgiving spending, more holiday shoppers are delaying paying their bills with buy-now-pay-later apps, even financing less expensive items. According to Adobe, spending on these apps increased 1.3% over Thanksgiving, but Salesforce data shows a 6% decline in the average order


Startup Guide to Winning in a Recession

Understandably, few entrepreneurs are eager to think about recessions. Customers tighten their wallets, banks take a closer look at business loans that can catapult startup growth, and you get the feeling everyone’s hunkering down and waiting for it to be over, like a gloomy winter