NYC’s On The Radar Debuts at SXSW23

SXSW is a cultural cocktail of almost every industry you can think of: cinema, fashion, tv, transportation, space exploration, sustainable farming, comedy, cannabis, coffee, and a partridge in a pear tree. It’s a convergent celebration of new technologies, where megabrands unveil their newest immersive media;


DoorDash Employs Full-Time Drivers With New ‘Ultra-Fast’ Delivery

DoorDash announced on Monday that it will be introducing its new “ultra-fast” delivery service that offers a 15 minute or less delivery time. This new endeavor will begin with a DashMart in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City which will sell groceries, household goods,


2021 Pride Events Across the U.S.

June is Pride month which means that every major city will be honoring its LGBTQ+ community members and celebrating! Pride is such a fun and exciting time, where we can come together and commemorate the Stonewall Uprising, the protests in response to persistent police brutality on


5 Popular AAPI Restaurants Across the U.S. You Have To Try

Across the country, people are celebrating American Asian Pacific Islander Month by embracing their local communities, the local businesses and, most important, their restaurants. Eateries that have been started by members of the AAPI community have made an impact on their local communities and cities;


Food That Won’t Break The Bank Before A Broadway Show

We know you’re already shelling out big bucks to see the hottest debut on the Great White Way (and then dropping some more cash on drinks after), so here’s our list of affordable dining options to spare you some pocket change before the show goes