Matthew Alicea


How to transform any small space into your home office

A workspace is your sanctuary. It’s a place where you open your mind and fill the expanse like gas in a bottle. Knowing this, it stands to reason that your workspace is a representation of your mind and vice versa. So if your workspace is


How to Plan a Perfect Sunday Funday Brunch

The world has changed, ladies and gents, and as to when, if ever, it will return to normal is uncertain. This, unfortunately, has put a damper on one of our most cherished weekend activities, Sunday Funday brunch. Now that most restaurants are only open for


Here Are 5 Of The Top U.S. Cities for Non-Tech Startups

We live in a technological age; there is no doubt about that, but not all things can be done by machines, robots, etc. Sometimes, it takes a human touch and, for all you entrepreneurs who work better with your hands than a computer, this one


5 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Entrepreneurs

As a small business owner, no one knows better than us the tremendous effort it takes to keep these fruits of our labor growing and thriving. Whether you’re taking inventory, handling expenses, or dealing with the day-to-day operations, it’s enough to make any normal person