Mark Cuban


Mark Cuban Adds Entire Town to Portfolio

Mark Cuban has purchased a 77-acre Texan town named Mustang. In an email to NBC News, the 63 year old owner of the Dallas Mavericks gave his reason for the purchase; “Did it to help out a friend. No plans yet!”  While the final sale


5 Most Successful Shark Tank Companies: Where Are They Now?

Have a million dollar startup idea? All it takes to get it off the ground is hard work, smart investments, and, sometimes, meeting the right shark. The ABC show Shark Tank is one of the most successful venture capital firms in the world. Since 2009,


This Startup Is Saving the Environment, One “Bite” at a Time

Over the past decade, environmental sustainability has been a major concern worldwide. For the sake of climate change and the overall well-being of the planet, it is time to re-evaluate our plastic usage. Many companies can improve their business models to accommodate sustainability, including recycling


New Startup Makes Affordable Diamonds—Out Of Your Loved Ones?

Have you ever dreamt of owning diamond jewelry, but were worried about the price? Well, now you can have a custom diamond made from the cremated remains of your loved ones—at a fraction of the price of a natural diamond. Austin startup, Eterneva, just earned


Things Get Heated As Mark Cuban Endorses Biden For President

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban is best know as owner of the Dallas Mavericks and as a business investor on Shark Tank. On Tuesday night, Cuban appeared on Fox News to discuss his endorsement of Joe Biden for President with Sean Hannity. Things got heated as