Lyft Media: Behind the scenes.

There are times when a cab or rideshare is both quick and efficient, and times when they’re a bit more meandering. The same is true for some businesses and expansion plans. Lyft Media is the latest addition to its media division, which will sell advertising


Uber’s legal woes continue.

Uber faced some legal troubles last year. The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Uber in late 2016 accusing the rideshare company of discriminating against passengers with disabilities by charging them if they took too long to get into their cars. Because of the


California’s Ruling Could Make Things Worse For Uber And Lyft Drivers?

In a ruling Monday, the 17th of August 2020, a California superior court judge, Ethan Schulman, said Lyft and Uber should reclassify their workers as employees and not independent contractors. This California’s gig economy law makes it harder for these companies to hire workers as


A 22 Year-Old CEO Can Affect The Safety Of Your Next Uber Ride

Decades ago, wondrous technology could only be foreseen in television and movies as filmmakers implanted ideas into people’s heads of what the future would look like. People have been fantasizing over space battleships, flying cars, automated human-like robots, holograms, augmented and virtual reality, self-driving vehicles,