Former Bowlero CIO Prepares to Battle Lawsuit Alleging Extortion and Retaliation

Former Bowlero CIO Thomas Tanase is seeking legal permission to countersue the company for extortion and retaliation. This comes after allegations of age discrimination and a dispute involving hacking accusations. Tanase claims his termination was age-related, while Bowlero alleges he resigned voluntarily. The case has highlighted ongoing labor disputes at Bowlero, with accusations of discrimination and unfair labor practices. As the legal battle unfolds, Tanase seeks damages for extortion and retaliation, while Bowlero denies all allegations and accuses Tanase of unauthorized corporate data access.

Meta Petitions Court to Reject FTC’s Monopoly Allegations

Meta has filed a motion to dismiss the FTC's antitrust lawsuit, arguing the commission has failed to provide evidence for its monopoly claims. The lawsuit challenges Meta's acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp, with Meta asserting these have benefited consumers through improved services and innovation. The FTC's narrow market definition, excluding TikTok and YouTube, is contested by Meta. A court decision in Meta's favor could potentially dismiss the case, while unresolved issues may lead to a trial. The next step awaits the FTC's response.
supreme court

Supreme Court Decisions Disrupted NCAA and Paved Way for the Pac-12 Downfall

The demise of the Pac-12 conference signifies a transformative period in college sports, directly linked to the 1984 Supreme Court ruling against NCAA's television rights control. This landmark decision, NCAA v. Board of Regents, fundamentally altered the landscape of televised college sports, ushering in an era of lucrative media contracts and financial windfalls for conferences. As the narrative of tradition versus commercialization unfolds, the story of the Pac-12's potential extinction offers a cautionary tale of change within the collegiate athletic sphere.
Hermès Birkin Bag

Hermès Birkin Bag Sales Under Legal Fire The Elusive Game of Luxury Shopping Exposed

Hermès faces a lawsuit over its exclusive Birkin bag sales, accused of unfair practices and antitrust law violations. Two Californians, unable to purchase the coveted handbags despite spending thousands, highlight a systemic issue where loyalty to Hermès, not financial capacity, dictates purchase eligibility. This case exposes the luxury shopping game's dark side, questioning the ethics of forcing customers to buy unwanted items to secure a Birkin. With implications far beyond fashion, this legal battle scrutinizes the balance between brand exclusivity and consumer rights.

Miramax Suing Quentin Tarantino Over “Pulp Fiction” NFTs

Earlier this month, it was reported that director Quentin Tarantino would be auctioning off seven uncut scenes from his film “Pulp Fiction” as nonfungible tokens. Now, Tarantino finds himself in hot water as Miramax, the studio which produced and distributed “Pulp Fiction”, is suing the


Google Is Doing What They Can to Make Up For Their Past Actions

Google was under fire for a while about former employees coming forward with the discriminations they faced working there. But the unveiling of discriminations did not stop there. Other employees continue to come forward and the DOL’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs has taken


Government Google Antitrust Lawsuit Could Change The Way You Search

Ask yourself this: How often do you rely on Google? Between Docs, Gmail, and Search, busy entrepreneurs regularly rely on the Google ecosystem. But a wide range of antitrust lawsuits threatens to change the way we work and, more importantly, the way we access information.


“It’s Better To Buy Than Compete,” Says Zuckerberg: Lawsuit Update

Since 2019, New York Attorney General Leticia James has been investigating Facebook under claims the company unlawfully used its marketing power to monopolize the social media industry. According to her statement, she was looking into whether Facebook “endangered consumer data, reduced the quality of consumer’s