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Historic Victory as Volkswagen Workers in Tennessee Join the UAW

In an unprecedented move, Volkswagen workers at a Chattanooga, Tennessee plant have chosen overwhelmingly to join the United Auto Workers (UAW). This surge in union membership marks a historic achievement for the UAW, highlighting its first successful organization of a foreign car company outside Detroit’s


Bidenomics: The Campaign Pitch Starts!

President Joe Biden, in a speech, finally acknowledges and embraces the widely used term “Bidenomics” for his economic plan. Despite his playful dismissal, it’s evident that Biden is well aware of what Bidenomics entails. However, the challenge lies in ensuring voters understand its significance. Hence,


TikTok prepares for significant Congressional appearance.

With the Biden administration intensifying its threats against TikTok, the company is bracing itself for its CEO’s first appearance before Congress. The government’s recent actions, including those from federal law enforcement agencies and lawmakers, suggest that TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew could face a challenging


Marijuana stocks skyrocket as Biden pardons marijuana criminals.

President Biden’s statement that he wants to pardon thousands of former convicts convicted of marijuana possession — a move considered as a prelude to federal marijuana decriminalization — sent cannabis stocks jumping on Wall Street. At one time early Friday morning, shares of Florida-based Trulieve

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Where Will The Money For The $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Come From?

This Monday, President Joe Biden signed a $1 trillion infrastructure plan. This money will be used for roads, bridges, ports, rail transit, safe water, the power grid, broadband internet, and more.  The money for this project will be coming from a five-year spending package would


How The New Infrastructure Bill Will Affect Small Businesses

Recently, Biden and the Senate have been going back and forth on the newest infrastructure bill—some saying the plans were not comprehensive enough, some saying exactly the opposite. But finally, Biden has declared, “we have a deal”! What exactly does this bill include and what


How A Biden Administration Could Chop Up Big Tech Companies

As the Biden administration takes office this morning, there are some predictions of how his policies will impact tech firms, which are listed below. Washington’s relations with Silicon Valley are expected to be chillier than under the Obama administration. Biden has said he’s not a


Biden Unveils Relief Plan Every Minority-Owned Business Needs Right Now

Last night, President-Elect Joe Biden outlined his strategy to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. While his plan is ambitious, it does mean big spending for the U.S. government. His relief plan will cost $1.9 trillion dollars, which does sounds like a massive amount of money, but


What Exactly Is President-Elect Joe Biden’s Economic Plan?

President Elect Joe Biden has faced tons of questions regarding his economic plan during his upcoming four years as the President of the United States. From the pandemic emergency funds to who is going to pay more taxes than another, people have pressed the President-Elect


Both Sides Cautiously Optimistic Over Climate Change Under Biden

With Joe Biden on his way into the White House, both sides of climate change are cautiously optimistic. The oil industry is banking on Biden’s proposals being fairly moderate. Meanwhile, climate activists are hopeful that Biden comes through with more liberal regulations. From the oil


The Impact Of The 2020 Presidential Election On American Small Business

This year, we have all been experiencing the hardships brought on by the pandemic, economic recession, and other factors. Perhaps some of the most impacted by the volatility of the economy and consumer spending habits this year is the small business owner. The economy has


How Joe Biden And The Democrats Can Save You Cash

Most people think going it alone is the only thing that can help them financially in today’s chaotic and competitive (and now isolated) world. But that’s not the whole story at all. It would seem that there are many ways of earning if Joe Biden


Things Get Heated As Mark Cuban Endorses Biden For President

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban is best know as owner of the Dallas Mavericks and as a business investor on Shark Tank. On Tuesday night, Cuban appeared on Fox News to discuss his endorsement of Joe Biden for President with Sean Hannity. Things got heated as


Political Fashion: The Good, The Bad and the Messy

Remember Hillary’s pantsuits? Collage of Hillary Clinton in pantsuits. Photo courtesy of Medium. What about that time Ronald Reagan was noted as the worst dressed man in politics? Nancy Reagan (left) and Ronald Reagan (right) wearing denim jacket and jeans. Photo courtesy of Reagan Library.