Jody Taylor


How Two Founders Turned The Pulse Tragedy Into Success

There comes a time in every successful entrepreneur’s life when you are faced with adversity, sometimes so great it makes you question continuing on your path. Then when the challenge is accepted, the adversity is conquered, and the experience is chalked up to a lesson,


Businesses Fighting To Stop The Hate Against Asian Americans

For some, it has been no surprise to see the alarming increase of hate crimes against Asian Americans considering the former president of the United States in not so many words blamed them for the Coronavirus pandemic that has killed 585,000 and put millions of


How To Keep Your Business Alive During A Global Pandemic

Remember back in 2015 when you were thinking about your five year plan as an entrepreneur? Or maybe you were at a job interview answering the question; “where do you see yourself in five years”. I think we can all agree we were all waaaay


If Everyone Is Using Zoom, Then What Happened To Skype?

On March 16th our social and work lives as we knew them came to a halt. Most workers were told to work from home, kids stopped going to school, getting together with a group of friends was out of the question. We were in one


Is It Still Smart Business To Stay Silent During Protests and Pandemics?

From a young age, we are conditioned to avoid topics like politics and religion in certain situations to avoid tensions and conflict. Historically, two of those situations are family gatherings and our places of business, which ironically involve the two groups we tend to spend