12 Essential Jewelry Pieces

Building a jewelry collection is as important as the wardrobe in your closet. The right pieces add polish to any outfit and help you express your distinct personal style. Collecting jewels that complement your clothes doesn’t need to break the bank. Consider a mix of


Top Tips For Starting A Jewelry Business

It’s much easier to start up a new jewelry business than you may assume. One of the things that you ought to look into is buying sterling silver jewelry wholesale. In the end, it will save you a bunch of money. Before buying any wholesale


What Is Kerry Washington’s Newest Business Investment In Aurate About?

If being an Emmy Award-winning actress, mother, activist, and online yoga instructor wasn’t enough, Kerry Washington is also a business investor. It was announced earlier this week that Olivia Pope (aka Mira Gaffney to my fellow Psychos) has invested an undisclosed amount into startup Aurate,


How Moon Magic Is Empowering Women With Eco-Conscious Jewelry

At Moon Magic, responsible entrepreneurism means more than simply supplying women with pretty shiny things. Moon Magic loves the joy and beauty that their jewelry brings to the lives of their customers, and they know that doing business today means keeping an eye on the