Jeff Bezos


Analyst: Jeff Bezos might “do a Bob Iger” and take over as CEO of Amazon.

An influential Wall Street analyst claims that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos could “do a Bob Iger” and return in 2023 to save his struggling e-commerce company as it battles declining revenue and massive layoffs. Under the direction of Bezos’ successor, Andy Jassy, Amazon is currently


MacKenzie Scott Named World’s Most Powerful Woman By Forbes

Forbes has released “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” for 2021, with MacKenzie Scott securing the #1 position. The ex-wife of Jeff Bezos is reportedly worth $58.6 billion, making her the third richest woman on Earth. What makes Scott so noteworthy isn’t the money itself,


First Amazon, Now Jeff Bezos Is Ready To Conquer Space

Jeff Bezos recently announced on Monday that he and his brother will be going up to space next month. He will be joined by his brother and the first spaceflight crew from his private rocket company Blue Origin on July 20th. This will come just


She Helped Build Amazon From The Ground Up, Yet No One Knows Her Name

By now, every startup founder knows the story of how Amazon began as an online bookstore run from Jeff Bezos’ garage. The $1.14 trillion company’s success story is one that has inspired countless entrepreneurs to launch their own businesses with nothing but a few dollars