What It’s Like To Be An Independent Musician During A Global Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought forth many trials and tribulations for everyone around the world, independent musicians included. According to a survey led by Americans for the Arts, it has left 62 percent of artists fully unemployed. As well as more than 94 percent experiencing loss


How To Dress Like A Famous (Or Infamous) Entrepreneur For Halloween

Maybe you’re in charge of throwing your office Halloween party, or maybe you just have a great group of friends who love a creative shindig, but dressing like an entrepreneur might just be the right power play this year. And, hey, if you are your


10 Celebrities With Their Own Liquor Companies

Everyone likes to unwind with a drink now and then. After a long day on set, it only makes sense that celebrities would want to take their love of liquor and turn it into an investment. Here are 10 celebrity entrepreneurs with their own liquor