Weak iPhone sales decreased Apple’s quarterly revenue by 5%.

After COVID lockdowns in China interrupted production of the company’s top seller, Apple on Thursday revealed sales and earnings that fell short of Wall Street projections. The reason for the disappointing results was the iPhone’s dismal sales. Apple’s quarterly sales were down throughout the world,


Not Even 5G Saved Phone Sales Last Year

All throughout 2020, it felt like we were waiting for something big. It turns out, that was because 5G came out last year along with a bunch of other things that made 5G look like an infant’s toy. Throughout all of last year, 5G was


Siri The Spy, Why You Should Cancel Your iPhone

iPhones are known to have security issues, as has been discussed prior to the Siri release. Siri, as a robotic listening application, started out as a flawed program to begin with. For Apple to better learn how to use adaptive technology, they developed devices that would become