Inflation, Consumer Confidence, and Nike Earnings in the Spotlight

After Federal Reserve Chair Jay Powell’s recent comments on potential interest rate hikes in 2023 caused a decline in the three major stock indices last week, investors are once again turning their attention to the Fed’s next moves. This week, they will closely watch inflation


Bootstrapping vs. Fundraising What You Need to know keep growing

As an early-stage startup founder, one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is how to fund your venture. With dreams of success and visions of growth, you might be torn between bootstrapping and seeking external funding. Both paths have their merits and challenges, and


How to advertise your startup to attract investors and shareholders?

Investors and shareholders are the lifeboats of a business whenever the business is likely to sink they come into use to save it. You can’t expect to grow a startup business by yourself without the investors and shareholders. Your company will likely go bankrupt without


5 Reasons Why Cannabis Is A Space For Innovators And Investors

Investors and innovators are always looking for the best areas of growth in the public sector. Currently, investing in the cannabis industry has proved to be one of the most beneficial returns. With the current cannabis movement across the world, the emerging U.S. market has