3 Non-Fiction Writers That Immigrated To The U.S.

Many influential non-fiction writers have written about their accounts of immigrating to the United States, the societal struggles when assimilating and their uprooted lives, and the unfair stereotypes they have to deal with. Senator Ilhan Omar, poet Hernandez Castillo, and author Monique Grandy are three


Asian Immigrants Look To Make Their Mark In Chicago

“America was built by immigrants,” A common proverb that we have heard throughout our lives living in this country. However, we should say, “America depends on immigrants.” We are also told time and time again that America is the land of opportunity, and it’s hard


ICE’s New Immigration Legislation Is A Threat To Our Economic Spirit

Update: This ICE policy has now officially been rescinded by the Trump administration, making it a short-term victory for the international student community. However, the ideas expressed in this article regarding the extreme positive impact immigrants have on the American economy continue to stay relevant