Hispanic Heritage Month


How Burritos Helped This Janitor Become A Vice President At Pepsi

Have you ever heard the saying “No one pays attention to the janitor”? Well, you should. Not only are they responsible for keeping the facilities we use clean, but they also know everything that’s happening in and out of offices. Sometimes, they may even have


Cesar Hidalgo, The Physicist Exploring How Humans Judge Machines At Work

What is a maverick? Someone who breaks the rules, achieves success, and changes the world. Who is Cesar Hidalgo? Cesar Hidalgo is a scholar, physicist, professor, author, and entrepreneur. He is best known for his contributions in economic complexity, data visualization, and artificial intelligence, which


10 Best Latinx Streetwear Brands You Should Know

Streetwear became popular in the 1970s. It is a diverse culture where artists express themselves without the main priority as financial gain. Though street fashion began with skate culture, it also has elements of hip-hop fashion and modern high fashion. With Hispanic Heritage Month beginning

Martin Martinez

The Founder Producing Once-In-A-Lifetime Events For Brands

The world is full of fearless innovators. Meet the Rising Stars making a difference in their communities and industries. Who is Martin Martinez? Martin Martinez Founder of A-Player Media standing next to mural of Martin Luther King Jr. and Cesar Chavez Martin Martinez is the


Why There’s A Rise Of Tech Startups In Latin America

Latin America’s days behind the curve when it comes to startup private investment are now in the rear view mirror. We are currently seeing an unprecedented amount of VC funding flood in to the region at a rapid pace. Similar to the tech giants of

Latina entrepreneurs

4 Latina Entrepreneurs Inspiring Women On Hispanic Heritage Month

It’s no secret that being a Latin American in the United States is hard. In the late 1980s, when the Immigration Reform and Control Act was signed into place, Latin Americans experienced discrimination in the workforce from employers who refused to hire individuals that appeared