Despite Investor Cooldown, Restor3d Secures $70M for Innovative Orthopedic Solutions

Restor3d, a North Carolina-based company specializing in 3D printed personalized orthopedic implants, has secured $70 million in financing. The funding includes a $55 million Series A round and $15 million in debt financing. This investment highlights the confidence in Restor3d’s innovative approach, which combines biotech, AI, and 3D technology to create implants tailored to individual patients. Despite a broader decline in 3D tech investments, Restor3d's success underscores the potential of personalized medical solutions.

How Healthcare Startups Are Transforming The Future Of Healthcare?

Healthcare startups are not merely leveraging AI and diagnostic technologies but raising a fundamental question: Can they improve and fundamentally transform our healthcare system? Their potential to revolutionize personalized education, affordable care, broadminded directives, transparency, and overall healthcare improvement is a subject of significant interest


Walmart Axes Health Clinics and Virtual Health Platform Amid Strategic Pivot

This week, Walmart announced the closure of all its 51 healthcare clinics across six states and the discontinuation of its virtual health platform, marking a significant retreat from its recent healthcare initiatives. Despite earlier plans to expand these services, the retailer faced challenges such as staffing issues, high operating costs, and a complex reimbursement environment. This strategic shift is expected to affect many, particularly low-income and rural residents, and comes as competitors like Walgreens also struggle with their healthcare ventures.
abortion pills

What’s Next for Abortion Pill Access?

As the Supreme Court prepares to review the legality of the abortion medication Mifepristone, the decision could significantly impact access through pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens. This development follows changes in FDA regulations, potentially simplifying access for many. However, the future remains uncertain with upcoming legal challenges. This piece delves into the evolving landscape of abortion medication access, highlighting the role of pharmacies and the broader implications for reproductive rights in the United States amidst legal and political debates.

Walmart Introduces In-Store Mammogram Centers

GPT In an unprecedented move, Walmart and RadNet have partnered to launch a mammogram center at Walmart's Milford, Delaware, location. Named Mamography Now, this facility offers walk-in appointments for breast cancer screenings, integrating AI technology for advanced image analysis. This initiative not only simplifies access to critical healthcare services but also marks Walmart's latest venture into broadening its health and wellness offerings. By eliminating the need for referrals and appointments, Walmart aims to make preventive healthcare readily available to its vast customer base, emphasizing the importance of early detection in saving lives.

The Preventive Promise of MRI Technology

In a groundbreaking shift, innovative startups are promoting the routine use of MRI technology for early detection of potential health issues, traditionally reserved for diagnosing serious conditions. These companies, like Nouveau and Ezra, aim to transform MRI scans into a preventive measure, making them accessible akin to annual check-ups. Nouveau offers AI-enhanced full-body scans for early detection, while Ezra, with FDA-approved AI technology, simplifies scan interpretations to reduce time and cost for consumers. This trend towards preventive scanning reflects a belief in the importance of addressing health concerns before they escalate, although it has sparked debate among healthcare professionals about the potential exploitation of patient fears.
Rise of AI in health care

Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Remarkable Rise of AI

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) is nothing short of revolutionary. From diagnosis and treatment to administrative tasks, AI is reshaping the way healthcare is delivered, ultimately improving patient outcomes and streamlining operations. This article delves deep into the


Ways to Tell If You Need A Root Canal

An infected or rotting tooth is treated with a root canal, a type of dental surgery. Restoring the tooth’s functionality and stopping further infection entails extracting the injured pulp from the tooth and replacing it with a biocompatible material. More than 15 million root canals


Doctors and Health Care Giants Exploit Those Who Lost Their Legs

Kelly Hanna’s life took a devastating turn in 2020 when her leg was amputated. The procedure was a result of a Michigan doctor’s damaging intervention, leaving her in a state of shock and disbelief. Little did she know that her case was just one example


Five Ways Plastics Have Revolutionized the Healthcare Industry

Plastic is a manufactured material that has revolutionized the healthcare industry in many ways. It is an incredibly versatile and cost-effective material that can be molded into virtually any shape or size, making it ideal for medical applications. In addition, plastics are lightweight, durable, and


10 US Healthcare Startups Making Waves in 2022

The healthcare industry is under constant change and innovation. With the continuous advancements in medical technology, there is a growing demand for more efficient and effective treatments. This has given rise to many new startups in the healthcare industry that are providing cutting-edge solutions to


7 Great Courses That Can Change Your Career For The Better

Image source A career change may seem like too much trouble, especially today when the job market sustained a hit due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s perfectly normal to stay within your comfort zone and coast, waiting for the perfect moment to find a new


Four trends in the medical field that are transforming the nursing sector

Healthcare continues to evolve as scientific breakthroughs and challenging situations, such as the recent pandemic, cause it to change and transform. It’s not surprising that one of the most significant parts of healthcare, the nursing sector, is going through several changes to improve the quality


With COVID-19, Nursing Is Turning Into A Gig-Based Profession

As a country, we have struggled with COVID-19 this past year—hard. From keeping it under control to finding the resources and the help to find a vaccine, COVID-19 has kicked our butts. But one of the biggest struggles is one that not a lot of


The Hottest Selling Item Of 2020 Is…A Freezer?

Usually this time of year, you might be looking at the hottest selling items to try and figure out what to get that special someone for Christmas. However, the best selling item of 2020 is turning out to be not something you’d expect. Good news


Stem Cell Treatments Are Making Leaps Where Pharmaceuticals Are Failing

It can be said that if pharmaceuticals were as effective as they are billed to be, there would be far less sick people on earth. Daily reminders on our televisions and smartphones instigate sufferers throughout the United States to “ask your doctor” about the latest

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