Social Security

Consulting Firm Reports Theft of Over 340,000 Social Security Numbers

Greylock McKinnon Associates, a consulting firm serving government agencies, recently reported a severe data breach. Approximately 341,650 Social Security numbers were compromised due to a cyberattack discovered in May 2023. Despite assurances that this breach does not affect Medicare benefits or coverage, the incident raises significant concerns about data privacy and security. Efforts to mitigate the breach involved cybersecurity experts, law enforcement, and the U.S. Department of Justice, highlighting the critical nature of protecting sensitive personal information in the digital age.
Government Shutdown

Impending Government Shutdown Threatens Small Businesses Once Again

In a pressing call to action, President Joe Biden convenes top congressional leaders at the White House to negotiate a crucial spending package, aiming to thwart the looming threat of another government shutdown. With the deadline fast approaching, the potential partial shutdown by week's end and a complete halt by March 8, put small businesses in jeopardy. The deadlock in Congress exposes the Agriculture, Transportation, Veterans Administration, and Housing sectors to dire consequences, highlighting the urgent need for a bipartisan agreement to safeguard the economy and maintain essential services.
Workers fixing bridge

Where Will The Money For The $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Come From?

This Monday, President Joe Biden signed a $1 trillion infrastructure plan. This money will be used for roads, bridges, ports, rail transit, safe water, the power grid, broadband internet, and more.  The money for this project will be coming from a five-year spending package would

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Is the U.S. Government Running Out of Money?

Nobody thinks about the U.S. Government potentially running out of money, but it can and may happen very soon. The United States has a reputation of being one of the top countries in the world, but they are not exempt from issues, such as massive


These Big Corporations Are Taking A Stand Against Violence

To kick off the new year, certain people of our country chose to riot one of the most sacred buildings in the country. The United States Capitol Building. That one day, that intense and jaw-dropping riot, set off anger, fear, and overall annoyance of how


Biden Unveils Relief Plan Every Minority-Owned Business Needs Right Now

Last night, President-Elect Joe Biden outlined his strategy to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. While his plan is ambitious, it does mean big spending for the U.S. government. His relief plan will cost $1.9 trillion dollars, which does sounds like a massive amount of money, but


Government Google Antitrust Lawsuit Could Change The Way You Search

Ask yourself this: How often do you rely on Google? Between Docs, Gmail, and Search, busy entrepreneurs regularly rely on the Google ecosystem. But a wide range of antitrust lawsuits threatens to change the way we work and, more importantly, the way we access information.


JB Pritzker Announces New Grants For Small Businesses In Chicago

With many businesses having had to close due to Covid 19 shutdowns and restricting measures, it’s no wonder many owners are suffering. Chicago businesses are no exception. But there are means and ways around it, quite possibly a lot. For instance, a new batch of


DOJ Files An Anti-Trust Lawsuit Against Google

The ways in which Google has influence in our daily lives cannot be underestimated. Google is no longer just a search engine. To name a few, Google Maps, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, YouTube, Gmail, Google Chrome, Android, Chrome Books, Nest and Google Wallet are platforms


Did Trump Get Away With Tax Fraud?

This year has been one obstacle after another. From the start of the pandemic to killer hornets to the presidential election, the world around us has only proved to be more complicated and difficult than anything we have ever faced before. With the upcoming presidential


How Joe Biden And The Democrats Can Save You Cash

Most people think going it alone is the only thing that can help them financially in today’s chaotic and competitive (and now isolated) world. But that’s not the whole story at all. It would seem that there are many ways of earning if Joe Biden


1 Minute Explainer—Emergency Relief Fund From The Trump Administration

Here is everything you need to know on how to get the assistance you need from the federal government now. Payment Protection Program: The Small Business Administration (SBA) will issue loans to protect cash flow assistance for small businesses, with loan forgiveness available to companies


How To Tell If You Have An Employee Or Independent Contractor

Doing business is a complicated and sometimes grueling process that often involves juggling multiple responsibilities to employees’ clients, vendors, and governments. Some entrepreneurs, like me, enjoy the juggling act; others have come to despise it. Well, if you are an employer in the State of