10 Tips That Will Help You Be Prolific as A Freelance

We have all seen it. The boss, decked out in his expensive suit, and driving a high-end car, feels like he is the king of his domain. Ever wonder how he rose to such a station? The answer is simple: he did it on the


Top 8 Ways To Find And Evaluate Writers For Your Business In 2022

Is your business struggling to produce enough content consistently? If this is the case, the answer might be to hire a content writer. This saves you from the time-consuming task of writing the content yourself. It also frees up your time to focus on ways


7 Ways To Build A Side Hustle While Keeping A Day Job

Research shows that 55% of freelancers in the world still keep their full-time jobs. This means that if you are thinking of starting a side hustle while keeping a day job, you will not be the first person to do so. Starting a business while


5 Ways To Turn Your Skills Into A Side Hustle Or Online Business

With the advent of the internet, it became possible for most people to start a side hustle online and earn some money by sharing their knowledge and expertise with the world. Fortunately, these side hustles are not a reserve of a few professions, rather, people


5 Remote Jobs That Will Let You Live The Life You Want

Since the birth of humankind, we have struggled for independence. Humans have done and will do anything for their independence. Anyhow as we know independence can be achieved from money in today’s civilization. Making money nowadays is not as difficult as it used to be


5 Ways To Do Personal Finance Right As A Freelancer Or Solopreneur

Ryan Robinson wrote an article for Forbes entitled “5 Financial Mistakes Solopreneurs Make When Starting a Business.” As insightful as I found it to be, I wanted to take a different approach in explaining some of the challenges he outlined regarding starting a business, specifically


Upwork Is Providing Millions Of People With Freelance Jobs

Over the course of the pandemic, we have seen a lot of people looking for work anywhere that they can get it. Looking for this work has been easier due to companies like Upwork and Fiverr that have provided users on their sites with available


Micha Kaufman, The Fiverr CEO Shaping The Future Of Remote Work

What is a maverick? Someone who breaks the rules, achieves success, and changes the world. Who is Micha Kaufman? Micha Kaufman is the CEO and visionary cofounder of Fiverr, the leading online platform for freelancers and entrepreneurs. He also helps startup founders succeed as a


Start Your Writing Business With A Brand

Have you ever wondered why you can’t decide on what to write, or how to write, or who to write about? I want to talk about the necessity of having a brand before you even pick up a pen to start writing anything. What is