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Minnesota Technology Business Leader Faces Federal Charges in Complex Offshore Tax Evasion Case

In the heart of Minnesota's tech sector, David V. Erickson stood as a beacon of innovation until federal charges threatened to dismantle his empire. Accused of a sophisticated offshore tax evasion scheme, Erickson's world unraveled, revealing a web of deceit spanning millions in concealed income. This saga exposes the perilous journey from respected entrepreneur to federal defendant, highlighting the razor-thin line between ambition and integrity, and the profound consequences of straying from the path of lawful conduct in the relentless quest for success.

Top 5 Strategies For Fraud Prevention In Your Business

Business fraud is a real and growing problem. With organizations losing a significant portion of their revenue to fraud every year, if you think your data is safe on the Internet without ample security measures, you’re mistaken.  Think about it—cybercriminals will target anything and everything