PARA Method

Why Founders Are Flocking to This Simple File Organization System and Swear by It?

In the quest for ideal file organization, Tiago Forte's PARA method emerges as a beacon of simplicity for overwhelmed founders. PARA stands for Project, Area, Resource, and Archive, offering a straightforward system for categorizing digital assets. By prioritizing importance and relevance, it simplifies the retrieval of information, catering especially to the dynamic environment of startups. This method addresses common struggles faced by founders like juggling numerous roles and shifting priorities. PARA's adaptable structure, compatible with popular management tools, could be the solution for founders seeking a balance between simplicity and functionality in organizing their digital lives.

Must-Attend Startup Conferences in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide for Founders

As we embark on the entrepreneurial journey in 2024, the ever-evolving landscape of startups presents both challenges and opportunities. To thrive in this dynamic ecosystem, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Fortunately, the startup world is teeming with conferences that provide invaluable insights, networking


Best Ways to Classify Entrepreneurs – A Complete Guide 2022

Since the inception of life on this planet, things are in a state of continuous change and improvement. Man has traveled a lot from cave life to skyscrapers and much more. This transition of life always leads to changing needs. Moreover, the journey of needs

Founders of Just Us Books

Just Us Books Brings Justice To The Black Community

Historically, Black people and other people of color have struggled to get their pieces published. Just Us Books, a publishing company founded by Wade and Cheryl Hudson, provided a solution. The pair founded the company in October 1988, a time when taking on this feat


How Smoothie King Was Founded

Smoothie King has come a long way from the small experimental kitchen in Louisiana that it was born in. Its founder, Steve Kuhnau, created the smoothie business, pioneering and innovating one of the biggest markets in food. Under his leadership, and later Wan Kim’s, the


Ingvar Kamprad and The Building of Ikea

Ikea is a staple for college kids like me across the globe. What started with cheap, easy to build furniture has become so much more. The company has gone global, driven by the dreams of the founder, Ingvar Kamprad. The native Swede came from nearly

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Founder 1-on-1

Interview with Sky Palmer, aka SkyDirects

Q: Who are you, when and where were you born? A: My name is Sky Palmer, also known as SkyDirects, I’m an American film director and tech founder of, a tech startup with a website that aims to redefine the press industry. I was