How Are Regional Banks Continually Finding Themselves on the Edge of Failure?

Regional banks are grappling with the impacts of financial instability as we move through March, reminiscent of last year's turmoil that saw the downfall of institutions like Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank, attributed to their heavy involvement in the tech and cryptocurrency sectors. The focus has now shifted to New York Community Bancorp (NYCB), which recently received a significant capital boost from a group led by ex-Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. This move aims to shore up its balance sheet amid a challenging period marked by a dramatic stock price fall following a disappointing Q4 earnings report. The bank's struggles highlight broader issues within the sector, including the need for diversification and the challenges posed by the commercial real estate market in a post-pandemic, remote-work era.
failed startup Founder

5 Lessons We Learned From a Failed Startup Founder

Starting a startup is like embarking on a grand adventure, full of excitement, fear, and risk. However, not all stories end in success; some end in valuable lessons. This narrative isn't about instant success or overnight fame; it's about the mistakes, wrong turns, and failures that can occur along the way. By learning from the experiences of others, we can gain valuable insights into what it takes to succeed in the unpredictable world of startups.

How Natural Disasters Are Affecting Businesses

Climate change is affecting all areas of life, including businesses. Natural disasters are becoming a common occurrence within the United States and are projected to rise. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, mudslides – these can cause any business to suffer physically and economically. Here are a few


How Pier 1 Imports Sank

In its heyday, Pier 1 Imports had 18,000 employees and over 1,000 stores worldwide, bringing us the most eclectic and quirky array of home furnishing design and décor products—from love beads, exotic rattan chairs, to other treasured goods. For over 5 decades, Pier 1 took


Kodak: A Missed Moment

Kodak dominated the consumer photography market for over a century and their downfall seems to be obvious in their inability to adapt to the digital age. But when you look closer at the company’s history, you’ll come to see that ironically what made them so


5 Positive Ways How To Deal With Failure As An Entrepreneur

An estimated 90% of new startups fail. As an entrepreneur, this probably doesn’t sound like a motivating statistic. But what causes startups to fail? At what point in the business cycle does this happen? How can you prevent it from being a complete failure and


Successful Entrepreneurs Reveal The Common Risks In Entrepreneurship

“$1,000 on black!” the professional gambler yells out, in a very confident tone. “Matter of fact, make it $2,000 on black!” What are his chances of hitting black in Roulette? 50/50? Perhaps. What are your chances growing your business and having no setbacks? Well, according


6 Reasons Your Business Plan Failed

Ten year, five year, three year, one year, or six month plans simply just don’t work out sometimes…That’s a lie. They don’t work out the majority of the time, especially the way you thought it was going to play out. But planning it made you


How To Be An Entrepreneur (No, Really—How Do You Get Started?)

Entrepreneurs are idea thinkers. They are the individuals that see a problem—and can come up with a solution for resolving it. Therefore, in order to be an entrepreneur, there is only one fundamental question for getting started: What is your big idea? This, in short,


Why You Should Absolutely Not Start Your Own Business

So, you are thinking of starting your own business. What do you have to lose, right? Well that’s a good question. If you answer the question without too much thought you may say, “Probably not too much.” But there is way more to it than


Knowing When It’s Time To Quit A Business Venture

I was asked to write about this, but I’m probably the worst person to ask this question to. When to quit a business is often a tough decision, fraught with emotional, financial and strategic implications. Recognizing when to walk away is crucial as it can


3 Common Reasons Startups Fail & How To Fix Them

Evolution Accelerator, an entrepreneurship program based in Sacramento, helps entrepreneurs avoid the common mistakes that cause most startups to fail. The Evolution team has seen hundreds of new startups at every stage of development, all the way from idea to investment. Here is a list


6 Critical Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

The path of entrepreneurship is one abundant with adversity and requires a resilient character to overcome the setbacks. Mistakes in entrepreneurship can be financially damaging, discourage enthusiasm, and impede progress, all of which can be detrimental to the overall success of the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is