Disney Plus


Disney+ isn’t just for kids anymore.

For Disney Plus users, three years ago was a momentous occasion. It was what they referred to as the family entertainment network. That meant they could watch R-rated movies. As a result, they have been forbidden from signing on to the platform. They could watch


Streaming All At Once VS Weekly: Which Creates A Better Investment?

Streaming services give us the opportunity to watch our favorite movies and TV shows. Both streaming choices prove to create an investment for their business. The real question remains, which streaming style creates a better investment for their business, all at once or weekly? While


Disney And Black Widow: The Problem With The Disney Plus Release

It was recently announced on Thursday that Scarlett Johansson, star of the hit movie Black Widow has filed a lawsuit against Disney. The lawsuit alleges that the company breached her contract by releasing the movie on Disney Plus without her knowledge. The film was released


What You Need To Know About Some Of The New Streaming Services

There’s no question that the streaming market has become saturated. What was once thought of as a fad in streaming services has become a staple in the modern household. While brands like Netflix and Hulu have established themselves as the defacto platforms to enjoy your


Discovery+ Just Launched And Won The Streaming War

The new year kicked off a lot of new things for many people in the world. New yearly resolutions, new weight loss goals, new self-help goals, and new streaming goals! Discovery+, the newest streaming service, just launched its jam-packed, entertainment filled website in the United


Spotify Dominates The Podcast Industry With Gimlet Media

With the impending death of traditional television, marketers are at a loss. Because so few people sit and watch live TV nowadays, commercials are no longer as powerful as they once were. However, neither are the streaming services that so cunningly forced TV into the


Will Disney Plus Beat Netflix In The Streaming Service War?

Disney Plus launches today and everyone is wondering what this could mean for the future of Netflix. Once a pioneer in streaming services, Netflix is now up against the likes of Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and DC Universe to name a few. As