Walmart Joins Eye Drop Recall Amid Concerns Over Unsafe Manufacturing Facility

Walmart has taken a proactive step in safeguarding its customers’ eye health by voluntarily recalling a specific eye drop product. This decision comes on the heels of growing concerns over product safety, as the eye drops were manufactured in a facility associated with recent recalls


CVS spends $8 billion on a home health care company.

House calls are an archaic notion in the medical sector that appears to exist primarily in old television series. However, having a doctor or nurse knock on your door may soon become commonplace. CVS made a major statement last week, even by CVS standards. The


CVS Launches Their In-Store Therapy Sessions

With everything that has gone on in the past year, taking care of your mental health is extremely important to just continue living life. I think this pandemic has taught us that it is okay to not be okay. It is okay to seek help,


CVS And PayPal Are Officially Teaming Up To Make Your Life Easier

Have you been out shopping and wondered, “why can’t I shop in person the way I shop online?” or “I really wish I had more payment options besides just my card or cash.” Well, good news! CVS is now accepting PayPal and Venmo. CVS and