Trends And Changes In Consumer Behavior In 2024

Consumer behavior is an ever-evolving spectacle affected by different aspects such as technological advances, economic circumstances, societal principles, and cultural variations. As we delve into 2024, the terrain of consumer behavior persists to experience powerful changes caused by rising trends and changing tastes. Understanding these


The customer isn’t always right—but should feel they are

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “the customer is always right” at some point in your life. Perhaps you heard it working at McDonald’s or serving up chicken at Chick-fil-A; if not in food service, then definitely in the sales business, or at your local


4 Steps to Overcome a Sales Objection

When it comes to sales, objections are inevitable. Every person you speak with will have questions or reservations about the product or service you offer. If they didn’t, they would have already bought from you! Objections shouldn’t stop you in your tracks. Objections are an


How Do You Know “That Client” Is Killing Your Business?

Identifying a “toxic employee” is fairly easy, as it becomes apparent over a pretty short period of time that the particular work ethic and mindset of said person is just not jiving with the core ideals and mission statement of the greater good. Sure, sometimes


4 Simple Tactics to Re-Energize Your Sales Funnel in 2022

Sales is an important part of every small business and the pace you set this quarter can set the tone for your entire year. If you struggle with sales, here are four easy ways to tweak your process, increase sales, and jumpstart your 2022 revenue.


How to Hack B2B Marketing In A Digital Era

B2B (Business to Business) marketing requires you to build a relationship between yourself and your potential customers. Consider shifting your business focus from closing the deal immediately towards informing your customers and building trust. This strategy may be difficult to comprehend or implement because most