Is Inter-Generational Co-Mentorship the Newest Path to Success?

With the concept of a reciprocal mentoring process being championed in many workplaces, one has to ask what will evolve out of it. Chicago Innovation thinks it has the answer with its latest intergenerational co-mentoring program, Ageless Innovators.
Kevin Davenport (right) and Madeleine Hettich (left)

What We All Can Learn From Kevin Davenport

Kevin Davenport's dedication to the success of the next generation is certainly commendable. With the current difficulties facing youths in troubled areas of Chicago, it's become harder for them to have access to the same resources and job training as their peers from other neighborhoods. Ideal Candidate acknowledges this problem and seeks to correct it.

Why Chicago is the Next Digital Behemoth

When it comes to rising above adversity, Chicago is a city with a history like no other. What began in the 19th century, in the midst of a booming economy, is a spark for innovation that still energizes industries today. We’re taking a look at


Real Innovation is Ageless

The Innovation for the Ages event held last week brought up some important issues with the modern workplace. Ageism is typically defined as discrimination on the basis of a person’s age. In the business world, we see this prejudice manifest in the belief that people


Personal Branding – A Secret Weapon for All New Graduates

When you set up your profile on the linkedIn, being excited to looking for a new job to kick off your career after graduation. However, a few weeks later, you haven’t received anything. You thought that is because you are a newbie and lack of experience?


Modern Guide to Finding the Right Babysitter

Parenting isn’t the same as it used to be. It just isn’t. Family makes-ups and dynamics have changed drastically over the years, along with society’s expectations of parents. In the modern age, both parents are typically employed, single-parent families are more common, and adults don’t want to sacrifice their careers

Ringleader Daniel “Lucky” Malatsi kicking off UniverSoul Circus in style

How one circus is making diversity refreshingly entertaining

I ‘ve lived in Chicago for a while now and when it comes to nightlife, I feel like I’ve got a pretty good idea of the scene. So when I had the opportunity to check out the UniverSoul Circus I was excited. I hadn’t been to a

Image of the crowd being seated at the Chicago Innovation Awards

The Best and Brightest at the Chicago Innovation Awards

The chill of the fall air outside the Harris Theater nipped at my cheeks as I got out of the car. Ahead the glow of the theater lit up the sidewalk with soft gold light and groups of well-dressed people drifted towards the door. Upon

Chicago river side bar

Date Night: Chicago Edition

Asking someone out takes guts. So give yourself props. The worst part’s over. Now the next question is, where do you go on your date? Even if you’re already in a relationship, it can be tough to come up with fun things to do in Chicago, but we got

The Library (at the Gilt Bar)

Super Secret Speakeasies in Chicago

Today, speakeasies are seen as secret, exclusive, and something undeniably fun to be in. Here are a few speakeasies to check out in Chicago
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